ITV News podcast reveals Boris Johnson joked about 'the most unsocially distanced party in the UK'

ITV News podcast reveals Boris Johnson joked about ‘the most unsocially distanced party in the UK’

The claim aired on Partygate: The Inside Story brings into fresh doubt Mr Johnson’s long-held position that he was unaware rules had been broken within Number 10 during the pandemic lockdown.

Mr Johnson is still due to appear before a Commons standards committee, which is investigating whether he knowingly misled MPs when he insisted all guidance had been followed at the event. When ITV News put the direct quote to Mr Johnson he did not deny saying it.

The claim is among several damning new revelations aired on the podcast - including an allegation staff deliberately destroyed evidence of partying before the Sue Gray and Met Police investigations, the latter of which would make 10 Downing Street the most law-breaking address in the country during lockdown.

The new revelations to emerge in Partygate: The Inside Story

Among other explosive new revelations made on Partygate: The Inside Story, Downing Street sources claim:

  • Staff corroborated their stories prior to filling out Metropolitan Police questionnaires.
  • The notorious party on the eve of the Duke of Edinburgh funeral service in April 2021 was even more debauched than previously documented, with at least two couples “getting it on with each other” and “touching each other up” and two other members of staff “all over each other” in a kitchen area.
  • Only 50% of the parties were ever investigated by Sue Gray or the Metropolitan Police.

Partygate: The Inside Story gives listeners the inside track behind events which erupted after 7 December 2021 when ITV News broadcast the infamous mock press conference video featuring Allegra Stratton, the effective smoking gun which blew the scandal wide open.

I’d like to see transcripts of the podcasts … :104:

Judging by the response to this post omah, nobody is surprised, shocked or outraged anymore by anything that went on when boris was in charge

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Of course they’re not … I have kept everyone well-informed … :grin:

However, the Privileges Committee inquiry into Partygate and BJ’s role in it continues. The ex-prime minister is being investigated for having potentially deliberately misled parliament in statements that he has made in the House about alleged breaches of lockdown rules in Downing Street – something that could constitute a contempt of parliament.