ITV Hub problems

Does anyone watch ITV Hub using a Fire Stick?

This evening, we have been searching for our usual favourites: The Chase and Classic Coronation Street, and found ourselves trying to negotiate what looked like a jigsaw puzzle. The picture we were hoping to see was replaced by several ‘pictures-in-a-picture’, jumbled up all over the place. How Marge managed to negotiate them all - and she did! - I don’t know!

I’m afraid that in one way or another for the past few weeks, ITV has been becoming distinctly amateurish. :laughing:

I’ve just had a quick firkle on ITV hub on your behalf and everything seems to be in order. All the usual crap is there and is easy to find.
Perhaps you might need to update or reinstall the App?

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Could be. We have updated the FireStick several times in the past when other things have gone wrong, but admittedly it has almost always been with ITV, so perhaps we could reinstall the ITV app.
Funny how it doesn’t seem to affect other channels, though.

I’ve had similar problems with the My5 app - sometimes it didn’t launch at all, so had to re-install it several times before I got it working again.