Itchy and scratchy

question that in this hot weather do you find you get a skin irratation and need to scratch? If so how long can you resist scratching it ? Are you a must scratch now person and how do you do it? do you rub your back against a wall corner or struggle to reach it

The only thing that irritates me in this weather realspeed are the idiots that appear out of no-where and drive like utter plonkers.
Now that gets under my skin.

No i’m not a Bear
Its those little black flying insects that make me itch all the time.

If it is dry skin then Sorbolene is the answer, cheap as chips - a few bucks for half a litre.

In winter I use it daily on my shins and ankles otherwise they itch like buggery.

People use it as a substitute for soap too

If you can’t get sorbolene there is always Lanolin you get a lot less for the same price.