It’s written in the stars

Do you believe in destiny? Explain your answer.

No Minx :slight_smile: I don’t believe in ‘destiny’ .
Throughout our lives lives we make a series of choices, for me those choices determine our future not some pre destined arrangement made by something or someone unknown…

Yes, and no.

no as in no or no as in no you won’t explain your answer? :slight_smile:

I believe in destiny. (these days) we have very little leeway in our choices based on our own limitations both physical, mental etc. Ultimately everything we achieve on here won’t matter. It could all be gone just like that.

Yes, no.

So do I, for all the elapsed days.

oops bad me. post-post edit :slight_smile:

It depends on which direction time is moving.:wink:

I believe each of us can choose then manufacture our destiny with a mixture of opportunity, hard work and a bit of luck thrown in. By the same token I think one can create one’s own luck with the same applications. I also think that we can have our destiny determined by others who control us in some way – or every way – But then again those plans are also subject to change by chance. But no I don’t believe in destiny as some pre- determined thing that is inevitable.

In Scotland there is a saying that goes “What’s for you, will not go by you” which is basically believing in destiny and that everything happens for a reason or plan.

I don’t believe that, really. Its like giving something else the reins to your life, and it absolves you of having to be responsible for any decision you make, for good or for bad.

Looking back over my life I can now see that destiny was showing me the future and I didnt know it at the time , so yes I do believe destiny played a part in getting me to where I am now , of course I made my own decisions and life course but there were definately pointers in that life course .

One for instance

I was happily married , life was great . In the car with my husband driving very slowly in bad traffic I was daydreaming looking out the window, passing a row of houses I noticed a funny tucked away little house and actually said it to myself , strange little place .

15 years on my life changed drastically leaving my beautiful home and without anywhere to live for a while I eventually found my sanctuary and safe place living alone. A long time passed and I was out in the front garden when I had a massive light bulb moment of recognition and memory flash back of the funny tucked away little house when I was living in a totally different life which was meant to be forever . This was the house , my place of safety and my sanctuary . I was stunned as the memory came back

I’ve been in this funny tucked away little house for 16 years now .

That’s just one small part of my destiny pointing me onwards

Aww Susan, what a lovely little story! :smiley:

I don’t believe in destiny. We make our own choices as things change. My life has been very eventful, and unpredictable.

No I don’t. There’s nothing to explain because it doesn’t exist.

We have free will to live our lives as we want to, so, no, to destiny.

It’s all mapped out, and continues to be so, there is a much bigger plan in place…that is my belief and opinion…also when my times up, “ it’s up”…imo./ belief…every thing happens for a reason.

So are you saying, Pauline, that you have no influence over your own life?

What I’m saying is, what ever I did throughout my life, which was a lot of bad choices, I knew they were wrong ( some of them) yet I went ahead and made them…it has all been worked out for the greater good…it was all meant to be, there was purpose in my choices…even the bad and something wonderful came from them…I’m not prepared to discuss this any further, that is my own opinion and belief,so it’s not up for debate…There was a purpose and a plan for my life…even through all of my wrong choices…100%

Not sure about destiny, hindsight might be a better way to describe things, at the time you may have a choice or direction to take, years later you could look back and think, yes, that was the right choice, or, no , I should have done this or that, either way, it could be described as destiny, other people influence decisions, something someone does, in work or personal life, affects your choice in the results of their decisions…
There’s no grand plan I’m afraid…