It’s “shakeout” time as losses of Netflix rivals top $5 billion

Netflix is showing itself out to be the winner in the streaming wars. I’m surprised. They were struggling not long ago to be profitable.

Evidently, there’s so much proliferation of streaming services shows, people are not going to the more niche ones. Paramount+, Disney+, Max/Discovery+ and Comcast are all struggling and contemplating scale backs and consolidations, according to this article.

All of these companies have raised their prices in the last year, probably forcing customers to make choices about which they’ll pay for. In the past, a lot of people could afford Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, the only streaming services at the time. Now that there are so many, people have to choose which ones they buy, so there’s less money for each.

Disney will be OK,they’ve got Dr Who now.They will be able to exterminate the opposition.


Not where I am, although you did get me to look. Max still holds Dr. Who in the US. Disney+ added some Dr. Who specials but that’s about it.

Max lost a ton of subscribers when it merged its content with Discovery+. They’re trying to cannibalize their own customer base. They raised the price of Discovery+ which led to a huge loss of subscribers. Max rationalized this by saying that many of them went to Max. But before they did that, they had both subscriber bases.

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