Issuing permits

LOL and double LOL!!
One permit I did find somewhat rousing was the Local Residents Town Parking. Permit.
When the Town Council raised town parking charges from a reasonable few pence price to something extortionate, most residents became very arsey! This lead to representations and to overcome charging everyone to park in town, a new £2 annual permit was issued just for residents and now all the grockles have to pay many £s to park in town and along the sea front. . quite right too :+1::clap:

While I hate the idea of our freedom being fringed upon, licensing internet users initially , is a good idea. It would stall predators benefitting from others. It would make those wishing to hide in the ‘dark web’ more difficult.

Unfortunately humanity, as a species, are greedy. Whatever advances can be made to benefit mankind, there will always be a polar opposite ; meaning there will always be predators wishing to take advantage of others who will find a way to by pass this .

Just look at the concept of personal ID’s. It’s very possible for people to get fake ID’s. Unfortunately many are killed for this, often by their own friends or family. Just kill off Aunt Jean and collect her cheques for another 20 years and that’s just the start. Another great idea made to protect mankind gone bad.

We can’t escape the dark side of humanity. Thanks to the internet, this dark side is ‘that’ much closer.

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God! Where on earth do you live? all these murdered old folks collecting their pension? Must be hell out there.

NSW is the only state that requires a fishing licence (under 18s and pensioners are exempt) but, because of an historical anomaly the Victorian/NSW border doesn’t run down the centre of the Murray River (like most, if not all, river borders) but on the southern bank, Victorians need a NSW Fishing Licence to fish in it.

And where do you live that you haven’t heard of such things happening? Somewhere over the Rainbow? :upside_down_face:

It happens everywhere that people inhabit which means globally/internationally.

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Hearing of such things happening is not the same as…

Oooops… Sorry, I now see that you live in North America, say no more…


Well it certainly has livened up the forum somewhat as I said in my second post on this thread. Australia and North America joining in. Any other member from other countries comments welcomed so it can get really exciting?

LOL- You must have some pretty comfy blinders on !!! :rofl:

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Identity theft in Australia

Some informative reading regarding identity theft in Australia from, what appears to be, reliable sources, in case you are interested.

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I’m not.

I’m really interested in the issue of ‘fishing-parking’ permits and their legality, which formed the basis for the OP … :fishing_pole_and_fish: :blue_car:

The subject is “Issuing Permits” and the tag is “for-any-reason” why do you want to limit it to fishing-parking?

I used to have a gun licence, a permit to operate steam engines both reciprocating and turbine, a permit for all types of pressure vessels (firetube and watertube), a tradesman’s certificate for Telecommunications as well as a licence for cars, trucks and semi- trailers.

Why the urge to limit the conversation?

Fair enough but you can’t honestly say it doesn’t happen in your country.

Anyway, I don’t mind paying a fee for a service I use and appreciate which includes fishing. In my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons. There’s plenty of great fishing here. Parking? No need to buy a permit where I live thus far but if I need to, I will.

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I never said that I wanted to “limit it”.

The OP was specific but as yet has not answered my query:

Ironically I just gave you a list of things for which a permit is required

The OPs term which you quoted “for things like fishing-parking and many more.” is hardly specific.

NOTE: I asked the thread-starter for clarification on the extent of the alleged “trend” but failed to receive a reply.

What you decide to read into the non-specific phrase “and many more” is, of course, your own business but of no interest to me.

So basically you are agreeing with me? Wow, that’s a turn up for the books.

No, I’m not … your interpretation differs from my intent, which brings us back to the OP - what did the thread-starter mean by and many more? Did he mean anything at all or was he just being vague because he has no other examples but wanted to sound knowledgeable?

Wow one of my best windup posts so far, I never thought it would be taken so serious. I wonder if my other windup posts this year will score so well . GOT YA

Permits are an interesting issue, so don’t get too smug.

In the same way that you don’t understand discrimination law your grasp of what constitutes a wind up post is tenuous at best.