Is your handwriting legible?

I’ve been complimented on my handwriting before from people like bank tellers and others. If I take my time, my handwriting is readable.

Lately though, I can barely read my own handwriting. I’ve been writing a lot, particularly journaling. My writing has become like chicken scratch to the point where I can’t read it some of the time.

There’s a subreddit where people share their handwriting from very fancy to chicken scratch.

What is your handwriting like? Does your cursive look like it should be on display or does it look like scribblings on a wall?

I seldom write anything by hand these days but I have to say it’s got worse over time.

I think in another life, I had to have been a doctor.

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In an answer, NO. :grin: How any of my pen pals can read my letters I’ll never know. Guess they have got good at decyphering them over the years. Most of my pen pals write beautifully. Only one has bad writing & I can read her letters.

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Yes but its not what you call nice ,
I use to Transcribe old Documents for a Family History Site , Oh that was time consuming working out the names of Vicars , as it was confined to one area , my detective play came in handy , I went by the Area and Year on some …
And luckily I had a Subscription to Ancestry which helped a lot …looking through the census .

I can understand now why some names are spelt wrong …

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No. Appalling in fact. Even as the author, I have trouble deciphering it. But then I have never been accused of having neat hand-writing. I shall put this down to being a lefty. As a left-hander, you only see what you’ve written after writing it. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.


My hand writing has been terrible this last year or so & then I realised I wasn’t holding the pen the way I used to do.

I think I must have a touch of arthritis in my fingers. Both my index fingers have got a big bump on them.

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Only the index finger on my right hand has a bump on it. I thought it was from writing a lot.

Nope it’s reminiscent of an inebriated arachnid waltzing through an ink puddle


Crayola Crayons are my friends.

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I’m a lefty too, a very good excuse. :grinning:

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Strangely enough,since covid and doing my late Aunts shopping twice a week it improved by writing her shopping list.
I make a point of writing my own to keep it looking neat and readable.
Dh`s writing is errrm how can i put it…spider vainy.

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Think of a spider, out on a night out with his spidey mates, on his way home he falls into an inkwell, staggering out he meanders across a sheet of A4 paper….then you’ll get an idea what my handwriting looks like

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LOL,you must be related to my Dh Primus1.

MR M writes like that he could have been a doctor !

Mine is ok but not as good as it used to be ( won the Brooke Bond handwriting prize twice )

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It has to be legible for work - so yes :grinning:

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Mine is crap, the sword is mightier than the pen :icon_wink:

With an internal audit background, highly unlikely. Unless you had aspirations to be a doctor!

My numbers were perfecto.

As is your excel spreadsheets :003:
No writing :writing_hand: required