Is. WFH a benefit to sports events?

Watching tennis at Queen’s today made me wonder if attendance has
increased since the WFH workers are still refusing or putting up resistance
to returning to the office ??
(Notice l said office and not work )
Queens seemed to be well attended to me, and the cricket recently seemed
quite busy too ??
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking:

When you find out the attendance figures for 2022 compared to 2019, do let us know!
I thought the highest attendance figures for Queens was back in the early noughties?

@Boot you mean back when everybody was out of work ??
I shan’t be looking up figures and stuff, l prefer to speculate !! :grin::grin:
Donkeyman! :hugs::hugs:

Queens is a small venue, a brief Wimbledon warm up. There’s a bum on every seat (unless the ticket holder prefers the beer tent).

I don’t know where you heard that donkeyman.

Here in London some workers are not necessarily required to be in the office every day. But will go when they are needed. Times they are a changing.

@d00d , Maybe ? But it’s all gonna end in tears imo !!
Donkeyman! :frowning::frowning: