Is this really Amy?

I saw this picture claiming to be the last picture of Amy Winehouse before her death!

I just can’t believe it’s her. What do you reckon?


Those are her tattoos but these days all kinds of photo shopping techniques are used so you really never know. It matters none to me

Looks more like Keith Richards but, anyway, I only want to listen to her

It wouldn’t surprise me - she was well down the road of drug addiction.

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Photos come in all sorts…I have some that where taken at one time or another that are not nice…
With stars and with people in the headliners…and then also people with talent…real talent that is sadly wasted…
I honestly think that they deserve some respect…it is not likie they can speak up for themselves any longer…
So my observation is… why post such a gross Photo…when out there is hundreds of great ones…


probably is - never ever found her attractive in many ways but loved her singing

fair comment - are we ourselves acting as paparazzi meanwhile condemning them?

So she was not attractive to you…hey hard bloody cheese then…She was an artist of great talent…so being female, do you have to be attractive, and for what reason?


‘we’ would not include me…I respect peoples privacy…

That is less than flattering - but - in most of the photos we do see of her - she is in full stage make up. We are just not used to seeing her without.

Amy was a very beautiful girl and a very talented writer and singer, there was no substance found in her body on death, I believe just alcohol, which could have sent her into a coma.

Her poor mother gets some kind of comfort believing her daughter never suffered and just fell asleep…absolutely heart breaking such a young person as well.:pray:

Edit to add, I don’t get any pleasure looking at that photo Carol and as a mother myself,would never have posted it…very insensitive imo.

Pauline - unfortunately newspapers aren’t known for their ‘sensitivity’ They print it because they think it’s what the public want to read about. It sells papers!

I posted it because it doesn’t look like her & personally I don’t think it’s her.

Shame on whoever’s responsible for this!!

Here’s a confirmatory one…


Still don’t really care.
I find it sad that people make a profit from someone else’s dysfunction

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I agree Bratti

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She had a beautiful voice and a beautiful soul.You could see from her live performances she wasn’t a confident sort of person.


This is how we should remember her.


Absolutely agree! She was an amazing woman

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I did a reverse search of the image & it looks to be an image used by the Daily Mail in 2008. The Mail, not renowned as a source of accuracy, says the image was taken as she left the Monarch Pub in North London.

The Mail claimed she was 2 hours late for a performance at the Monarch & then only performed two tracks.

The following is another photo taken that night.


Poor woman looked drugged out of her mind.