Is this a scam? Royal Bank of Scotland offering a rebait

I agree. Personally I would put it in the bank and ask questions later. Gift horses and mouths etc.

A bank giving out some left over cash to just anybody.It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard.It’s hard to see how paying money into your account with a cheque would do any harm though.

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Ummm just wondering what kind of details she has to supply in order to cash the cheque? I’d double check with the issuing bank to see if they have actually sent rebates. And, if she has never banked with them, how did they get her name and address?

I’d be highly suspicious.

Send the cheque to me Reggie, and I’ll dispose of it for you…

We are of to my wife’s bank tomorrow 9.30 and see what they say, will let you know.


Good man Reggie, they’ll sort it out for you…I hope it’s genuine…A nice windfall…


That is not how financial law works in U.K.
If you deposit money into your bank which you know you are not entitled to, you could lay yourself open to criminal charges.
It is best to check before you pay the cheque into your bank account.

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Absolutely, they might want it back and a prosecution may follow… :009:

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Quite right, Foxy - I’ve seen it happen -
Trust me, I know these things - I used to be a Banker! :rofl:


And that’s why I listen to you about money stuff boot…


Sound advice.

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That is news to me, Foxy - I wasn’t aware I had given you any financial advice - but if I did, I hope I followed the FCA regulations to the letter! :innocent:

If someone sends me a cheque with my name on it then I am entitled to it and I would deposit it using my mobile phone. It is up to them to prove I am not so entitled, they also have to prove intent. If they can show it was a mistake then they can have it back.

How would you know you weren’t with that bank?

I used to bank with the United Permanent Building Society and after a few name changes it was eventually taken over by the ANZ bank when it disappeared. Likewise my account with the Rural Bank of NSW, which became the State Bank of NSW, then Colonial State Bank then was absorbed by the Commonwealth Bank.

Banking is a very incestuous industry you never know who they are.

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Not me personally Boot, but I always read your posts on the forum, and they have contained some very interesting advice and info…

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I would suspect that if the word “bait” appears in any communication then its a scam.


Totally agree. What has Reggie got to say now?

Arrived at our bank at 9.30 my wife asked if this check was ok to put into her bank the lady said it looks alright and put it in, one other Strang thing it was from Lloyd’s bank.
The lady said the check will be cleared by tomorrow, I will check on line.


A rational course of action.

As the check was changed to Lloyds and and my wife did have this bank, fingers cross.