Is There Such A Thing As A Black Fox?

The other afternoon, my hens were out in the garden.
My friend and l were having a cup of tea in the sunshine and a chat after working hard in the garden.

I said, ‘I picked up fox poo this morning so l must keep my eyes open for foxes whilst the hens are out’.
He said, ‘Foxes are nocturnal and there won’t be any around now’.

I disagreed, and said, ‘l have seen them in the garden at any time of the day’.

We continued chatting and he suddenly said, ‘Fox’. I looked in the distance and there was this greyish blackish thing right next to my three hens.
I screamed at it and the ‘fox’ ran away. It was smallish, l’d say it was quite young.

I was in such a state but so relieved my hens were ok. I would have been mortified if the ‘fox’ had injured, or killed any of them and would’ve felt it was my fault.

I questioned, if it was a fox as l have only ever seen brown and white ones. My friend was adamant it was a fox.

So l ask, is there such a thing as a black, or greyish fox?

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Apparently there are black foxes in the UK, Art, but they are quite rare.
You sure it wasn’t a stray dog or a badger?

I didn’t know that. What a good looking fox.

Mups, Thank You for putting the black fox pic on. The ‘fox’ was more of the greyish black colour like on the tummy area of the fox in your pic.

It happened very quickly but it definitely wasn’t a dog.
Aren’t badgers plumpish? I have only seen a badger once in my garden and that was at night, years ago.

This ‘fox’ was thin and maybe a cub?

I have smelt that distinct fox smell in my garden lately too.

Yes there is is a genetic mutant .

Cross fox

Brant fox

There is a red fox variant that’s called black.

Muddy, Thank You for posting the video.
Yes, it looked like the one in the video but smaller.

It seems that my area is one of the places where black foxes have been sighted.

I didn’t realise that Fox Farms exist, or have existed.

MarciKS, Thank You for posting the pics and video. You wouldn’t think that there would be such a variety of Fox colours.

I usually get lots of foxes in my garden but l hadn’t seen any for a good while, until the other day.

If its a mutant, maybe it won’t like chickens? It might have been after your tea and cake? :shock:

Pixie, Maybe, the Fox was vegetarian?
l didn’t have any cake, so it must have been the ginger nuts!!

Perhaps the black/grey fox was after some ginger nuts to help him mutate his line back to the correct colour

Hahaha! This made me laugh a lot! :smiley:

The one in the video is an urban fox it probably doesn’t know what a chicken looks like .