Is Rishi Sunak blocking article16 activation?

Reports are emerging in the media that dishy Rishi
is blocking calls to activate article 16 to unblock efforts
to solve the impasse in NI trade talks with the EU !!
If this is true, then imo we have no chance of getting completley
free of EU rules? Especially as remainer Liz Truss has now taken
over from Lord Frost and allready claims she is making progress
in the talks,( l wonder what she considers as progress??)
No wonder Frosty resigned if he was getting no backing from his own party !!
I don’t trust any of the government to honour the BREXIT vote, or
trust the opposition for that matter either??
Imo all this hoo ha over No10 parties etc have all been orchestrated and inflated by the entire remainer establishment
with the aim of cancelling the BREXIT vote in some way or other!!
Donkeyman! :-1::frowning::frowning::-1:

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@Donkeyman I’ve said before Johnson is a one trick pony imo, now what you say could explain that , lets get him anyway we can to have a leader to take us back into the EU, makes sense.

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I’ve been thinking exactly the same of late. If Boris goes then who in God’s name will take over and push for a true and proper Brexit?

I really do believe that Rishi is blocking Art 16 implementation and is courting all the remainers in the Tory party.

But dishy Rishi, was and is a Brexiteer:


Boris agreed and signed the NI Protocol.

He said it was part of his oven ready Brexit.

He now wants to change and triggering Article 16 will come at a cost.

British Industry is already having to fill in extra forms as a result of his oven ready deal, at a cost to them and our Government are advertising for thousands more customs officers.

The Boris Brexit has so far not delivered and has involved significant extra costs.

We simply cannot rejoin the EU, we would lose all our previous cost rebates and exclusions.

Rishi is responding to the concers of business, that is all.

@Percy_Vere , Well l think Frosties resignation has been triggered
by lack of party support for his policies since he took over the
BREXIT negotiations ?He was stymied by Boris in the main
negotiations by Boris and has now been sidelined on the NI trade
talks !
So maybe he should be PM Percy ?
Trouble is he will never get nominated by the present gang running parliament unless we get another election where the public have their say again and he runs for election !!
This country is well and truly stuffed as we will be denied our say
what we want ever again IMO !!
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@swimfeeders , l cannot disagree with most you say there
Swimmy apart from you saying we can’t rejoin the club, several
prominent remainers are allready stating that that is still their aim
BTW I think we should never have gone for the Boris ‘deal’ as all
did was confirm the status quo and nothing much has changed
at all really apart from a bit of paperwork !!
Surely if we had really left then we would have seen some obvious
changes wouldn’t we ??
We would be making serious efforts to replace our forsuppliers for a start ?
Our exports don’t matter so much as most of them are with the
rest of the world and not with the EU !
Plus, we no longer have many so called ‘real’ exports anymore. to
export ??
I believe we should invoke article 16 , which would cause the EU to cancel any deals we have signed thus giving us a proper BREXIT !!
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@caricature , BACK IN !!
Donkeyman! :weary::weary:

@wendeey ,. Yeah,yeah! Like you believe him ??
He’s a Tory !
He’s very rich !
He has a banking background
He didn’t go to a comprehensive school !
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Yup I do believe him.

Six years since the plebiscite and you are still arguing about Brexit. It’s longer than Ben Hur.

Even a unified Ireland sounds like a good option.

What a cock up!

Yes, he was and is a Brexiteer and he has been a Eurosceptic a lot longer than Boris Johnson and probably as long as Nigel Farage.

Rishi Sunak has been a committed Eurosceptic since his teenage years, believing UK would do better outside the European Union - I have read a lot about his past and I remember chatting to him about it over a year before the Brexit Referendum. From the time he first campaigned to become an MP, I always knew he would vote for Brexit, against his Prime Minister’s wishes.

This was never going to be easy.

@Bruce , Exactly that, a complete cock up Brucy !
Trouble is our ‘leaders’ insist on some kind of a ‘deal’ when
as you well know we have nothing to sell ??
Donkeyman! :frowning::frowning:

@Boot , Well as l said in my post Boot," if this is true ’ that Rishi
is blocking article 16, as stated by some of the few brexiteers
currently still practising in the Tory party ??
If it is true, then the article you kindly posted onnRishi must be
Surely if your article ,( which sounds like an advert for BREXIT)
were true then Rishi would welcome activating article 16 and
so ending the whole BREXIT debacle wouldn’t he ??
Perhaps he has still to do so, and we should wait for him to
prove his credentials before we criticize him but l trust nobody
anymore l am afraid !
Donkeyman! :-1::frowning::-1:

That is true but Britain’s leaders made it a bloody sight harder than it needed to be. On the bright side it was a joy to watch from afar.

I have to say that the major mistake made with the plebiscite was that it required a simple majority, such an important decision should have required a bigger majority say 60 or even 75% or there should have been some other factor involved say a majority in each state (England, Scotland, Wales and ireland) as well.

The way it was done largely split the country down the middle with the result being the current ongoing division. Neither those for or against Brexit are happy with the result so it was basically a failure.

Silly question I’m sure, but what is article 16?

@Donkeyman , I haven’t posted any articles - I just quoted a previous post and confirmed that I was aware of Rishi Sunak being a long term Eurosceptic and I have had conversations with him and heard him saying that UK would be better off outside the EU long before Boris finally flip-flopped down on the side of Brexit.

If the PMs allies are saying Rishi is not really in favour of Brexit, I find that surprising. If Rishi was blocking plans to invoke Article 16 right now, I would imagine he had a financial reason for it but so far we only have “sources close to the PM” saying Sunak is blocking Article 16 and “sources close to Sunak” say it’s not true.
I guess people will have to make up their own mind which “sources” to believe.
I have no idea what or who to believe within the current government, as they seem to be engaged in a whole raft of bitter briefing wars against each other on a whole range of stuff.
All I know is that Boris has a track record for telling porkies and shifting blame away from himself and persuading other people to do his dirty work.

I agree Bruce, but, regardless of majorities, you either accept democracy or you don’t, if you don’t, change the system.

@Boot , Thennwe are both in the same boat Boot, we don’t know
who or what to believe anymore ?
Myself, l have chosen to trust nobody !
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking: