Irony? Guerrilla mail available on Google Chrome

I do not use Google Chrome, due to Googles habit of spying on it’s users. But trying to remember the name of Guerilla Mail, I found it’s available as an extension on Google Chrome. This surely has to be someone’s idea of joke?

Given the grammar on the blurb, I would reckon its been done by a 14 year old when he should have been doing his homework!

" Guerilla mail plugin allow you to get disposable mail box without living your current page. When you got it, plugin will check email and shows your inbox mail. You can open and read what you got."

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Or by someone for whom English is not their first language.

I have found when speaking to people who don’t have English as their first language, they do make more of an effort to speak/write it correctly, especially in a business context.

Yes, people make an effort, but it does depend upon their starting ability with English. When I was a social worker we had several foreign students working with us. some had impeccable written English, others not so good. And as a radio amateur. English is the language of radio, but it is not always easy to gather what someone means.

I have a German friend & her English is amazing, but at times she gets mixed up, because English sentences can be written very differently to German.