Irish singer Cian Ducrot surprises audiences with pop up performances

Irish singer Cian Ducrot became popular on TikTok. A couple of his songs have become hit singles in the UK.

I’ve been enjoying his surprise performances. People seem pleased with them.

Here he is surprising Hoda Kotbe on The Today Show where it looks like he’s standing in the audience but is actually waiting to sing her a song with his choir in the background. She starts to cry. Al Roker looks totally confused and starts clapping off-beat. At the end, Carson Daly shows up.

Here another of Cian Ducrot singing I’ll be waiting at the Capital FM office.

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Cian Ducrot was on a talk show where he shared about his new album and opening for Ed Sheeran. I’m becoming a fan.

This is the background for the Hoda Kotb setup. Carson Daly was in on it and knew who Cian is. Cian announced his sold out US tour on the Today Show.

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All this media stuff, it takes a (several) special person (persons)

New song. Warning :warning: super sad. But beautiful.

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A great new musician. Nice voice. Beautiful piano tone too. Sad but gorgeous.
Thanks for the introduction

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Cian Ducrot interview with Zach Sang. Zach Sang is normally a great interviewer but did terrible in this. Ducrot had some interesting answers though. He talked a lot about his father who left them.