Internet power brought back "Grandpa reads the comics"

There’s a guy who used to post videos on YouTube of his life and his wife. Hardly anyone watched. But a Tiktoker noticed and made a compilation. And a Redditor asked for subscribers. In a few hours, the channel had over 41k subscribers. Now it’s at 91k subscribers. Soon after, the guy was back to posting after a year of having given up on the channel.

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I can sincerely say that daughter’s grandpa, my beloved Papa read comics never lol!

Nope, he collected them. He had an impressive collection of Superman’s comics. He was building his retirement plan.

Sadly, in 1962, his entire collection went up in flames with the two semi-detached in the middle of the night. Papa lost everything, it’d never got included in the insurance policy they had at the time.

He was so upset that I had to wait until I was 18 to ever get my hands on a comics. True story!