Insulate Britain: Mum on school run who drove at protesters blocking road loses licence


Sherrilyn Speid, of Grays, Essex, was disqualified from driving, handed a community order, and told to pay £240 costs at Basildon Magistrates Court on Friday. The 35-year-old mother had already pleaded guilty to dangerous driving following the incident in Grays on 13 October last year.

The court was told she had to stop her black Range Rover Sport at around 8.30am when she found three climate protesters sitting in the road. In a video of the altercation shown in court, which was shared widely on social media at the time, Speid is seen getting out of her car and shouting at the trio.

“I don’t care what the issue is,” she can be heard saying. “My son is 11, he needs to get to school today so move out the way and let me get my son to school.”

She is then seen getting back in her car and driving into the group, causing one woman to grimace in pain. In a separate clip, the car could be seen jerking forward into the backs of protesters sitting on the road.

Prosecuting, Ashley Petchey, said Speid was “clearly very angry and agitated by the situation”.

Defending, Lauren Hebditch argued that Speid is an “inspiring” woman, and was under “severe pressure and stress” at the time, having just left an abusive relationship of 12 years.

Ms Hebditch said it had caused her to suffer severe anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

But despite being in and out of care as a child, she added, Speid has set up a counselling service for vulnerable children and a podcast for working mothers.

Ms Hebditch said a ban would mean Speid was no longer able to shop for her mother who has multiple sclerosis, drive to work, or her son’s school.

AFAIK, chairman of the bench Susan Hawkins held back the tears as she said the offence was “serious enough” to merit the sentence and Speid was told she will have to retake her driving test following the one year ban.


A mum who made headlines for driving into Insulate Britain protesters has started a new business venture off the back of the incident.

Sherrilyn Speid from Grays, Essex, posted on Instagram that she was setting up a new website, and would be selling customised merchandise under the name ‘Range Rover Mum’.

The 34-year-old will be selling hoodies (£36.76), cropped hoodies (£25.82), mugs (£12.54), leggings (£33.19) and indoor cushions (various prices) all tagged with the RRM design.

Now capitalising on her “fame”, Ms Speid – who is also a chef, according to her Instagram biography – is selling merchandise.


I was reminded of:

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When one door closes another opens ……
The police were a little over zealous methinks ……:slight_smile:

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`the woman was not only over-zealous but had crossed the line endangering the health of others - this was not just a simple case of breaking the law but breaking the law and risking the health of others. I hope she learns a lesson


She broke the law and the law won … :expressionless:


She didn’t endanger anyones lives and no one was hurt .

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Have you bought any of the “merch” to help pay her costs?

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It’s not really justice
I suspect the Judge didn’t like her accent

She broke the law and the law won.


We all know the law can be an ass :slight_smile:

Sherrilyn is the ass … :wink:


[quote=“Omah, post:1, topic:91066”]
Ms Hebditch said it had caused her to suffer severe anxiety, depression and panic attacks.
[/quote] these are not the conditions necessary for safe driving especially a powerful car that she owns. regardless of her long suffering lifestyle she clearly broke the law endangering others lives

nb: act in haste repent in leisure comes to mind?


You wish you had a black Range Rover ……? :slight_smile:

Gummy would be a fool, at his age, to drive a Range Rover (of any colour) on the never never or a PCP, besides which, they are crap, anyway, this lady has had enough publicity already, best just forget about the whole incident.

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Somewhere for Spytty to park his bike.

Yes, no one was hurt, and I don’t agree with what the protesters are doing, but you have to remember that a Range Rover weighs about two tons, if she had lost control, then that person would have been seriously injured or worse, you can’t use a vehicle as a weapon, she got what she deserved imho….


If you sit in the middle of the road any car is likely to cause you harm ……


I agree muddy, but she used her car as a weapon albeit at a very low speed, she could have turned around and found another way


And why wern’t the protestors find for causing a road obstruction? they could have just as easily sat down on the roadside to protest. Seem very uneven justice took place in that law court and the judge should be barred.
If you sit in the middle of a road you should expect to get hit or killed by a car. The protestors knew and took the risk
I suppose they could claim they were mentally insane


Exactly … using a car as a weapon is a serious offence - had she hurt someone then her sentence would have been a long prison term:

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Yeah, but she was white and not a non-white, so the law was applied to the letter. Now if she had been black … ??