Inside the Arctic circle

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The water looks so calm , lovely sunset too.

wil have to renew accidently deleted

Oh…I’ll wait

What happened was near the end of the video I changed the neutral density filter in the camcorder by mistake. this then altered to whole atmosphere of the video. zooming out nearly messed it up as well as the aperture alters
Oh the joys and tribulations of videoing

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That sky is like a painting…!

Alnes Lighthouse lies in the fishing community Alnes at the island Godøy. The lighthouse from 1876 is protected, and a relic of Norwegian coastal culture.
It was impossible to video with the wind so strong, but I did shelter behind a large skip to film this. Needless to say going up into the lighthouse was closed

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Certainly a fabulous trip, realspeed.

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The ship was amazing being brand new. The food like crab pawns crayfish salmon well you get the idea we could not even afford here at home. The free beer and wine at mealtimes and as you wanted unbelievable. so much free food even reindeer shanks we would not get here. Food all day if you wanted and could manage it, I dare not think how much beer I got through. Oh the loos had many trips from Sue and I in our cabin best cruise ship we have been on by far and . All the crew I would give 5* to ,never been treated netter

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Sounds like a great time, you deserve it.

I have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to photography, but the end results are fantastic .

Memories to treasure forever.

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Really looking forward to the video of the whole trip

Bruce can’t do video of whole trip but already posted quite a few videos about it

Why not? Just curious

slow internet upload 5 or 6 mgps only if lucky, and 34mbps download. This video direct no editing took 50 minutes to get onto youtube

and I have174 similar files, work it out for yourself how long it would take edit and upload

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Have you edited a long video at all Bruce? Its arduous and time consuming with the edits and adding effects, or music. Plus the rendering and uploading to Youtube. Just sayin’, sometimes less is more :smiley:

Yep but not any more but I cut a fortnight’s holiday down to two or three minutes, as you so correctly say, sometimes less is more. (My old man was an expert at producing unwatchable, interminable 8mm movies in the 1960s, his overuse of a 3x zoom was nausea inducing)

Anyway It’s RSs hobby so surely the aim of owning a very expensive video camera, an external, expensive microphone, a 4K monitor and a fairly expensive editing suite is to produce videos that tell a story about an event in one’s life. If that is not the case then you might as well take photos and save a heap of money.

nice vids
I’m off to the Arctic at the weekend

Bruce says" Yep but not any more but I cut a fortnight’s holiday down to two or three minutes,"

What he failed to say that fortnights holiday is all Aussie Bush with a couple of Kangaroos thrown in for good measure. So very easy to do that and cut down video time.

Sorry Bruce my sense of humour getting in the way, but you have shown a lot of outback looking all the same

The clip you show was 2 minutes long that is possibly long enough to show the whole of your holiday and capture it’s flavour if you allow, say, 4 seconds per scene. Four second scenes allow 45 segments in 3 minutes. You definitely don’t want to show all of the video you took, the idea is to entertain not induce wrist slashing.

If you don’t think 4 secs is long enough watch a drama on TV and time the scenes, if you ignore dialogue I think you will find few shots last even 4 seconds.

As I said in my previous post, this is your hobby, surely the time taken by editing is irrelevant, as for uploading once you have set it going the time taken is equally irrelevant, you don’t have to watch it upload.

Look as the results other hobbyists on this forum produce I bet they spend hours on their passions too.

As I say I haven’t made any videos for years, it is not my hobby.

But Bruce it had you rivited to watch the whole 2 minutes then. Bet you got really excited :rofl: