Incredible Match at Cheltenham

Glamorgan set 593 to win,which would have been a World Record,only for them to finish on 592 all out off the last ball of the last over.
Match tied….which is a bit of a rarity.

All this after Gloucester were 88 for 8 on the first morning and 24 wickets fell in the first four sessions and Gloucester were 17 for 2 in their second innings still one run behind!
Incredible game.
Proper cricket…not like the T20!

I was there on day two.
Wish I had been there today.


Fantastic.As a neutral I would say a tie was the right result ,both teams contributed so much.

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Quite the most incredible game of cricket I have ever seen…having watched the live stream on the days I wasn’t there.
And that includes the time I saw Glamorgan take Nottinghams tenth wicket off the last possible ball at Trent Bridge.
Three results possible off the last ball…Tie,level score draw,Glamorgan win.
How I would have loved the latter.
But set a seemingly impossible target I’ll take a tie.

It even made the news here.