I'm a Celebrity 2023 - Day 22 - Sam's a Winner ...!

I’m not sure when the first elimination vote will take place (because 2 celebs have already departed) but here are the current odds:

If Nella goes then that should remind her of what she said about giving Fred the washing-up - ‘Karma is a bitch’ - it’s come back to bite her … :smirk:

Day 14

A lovely sunny day in camp - Josie’s breakfast rice passes muster, much to Fred’s chagrin … :rice:

BTT - Eaten Alive - Tony had to pass through a snake’s digestive “chambers” and collect stars - his “obstacles” included rotten fruit and veg, snakes, offal, spiders, green ants and rats … :rat: … 9 out of 10 … :026:

Most of the camp sunbathed but Nella dozed in the bus … :zzz:

Deals on Wheels - Josie and Frankie - Wendy Houses and coloured bricks - Question answered correctly - Crumpets and butter … :pancakes:

Dinner - Eel - Fred offered advice but Josie just bunged everything in one pot and everyone (but Fred) thought it was wonderful … :shallow_pan_of_food:

Next BTT - Fright at the Museum - Nella … GMOOH?

The vote to keep has started - the elimination will be tonight.

Ive watched every series since it began, the last couple of series i thought were dull and repetitive with boring contestants, bar a couple. This year i switched it off during the second episode. The show is tired and needs axing. Ant and Dec need to wake up and come back with something new as theyre indanger of becoming just as dull and predictable. They seem to of lost their oomph.


I do agree Ant n Dec are not so naturally funny nowadays they read from the autocue , shame, they realky are robotic sadly . Apart from when they fall about laughing then the naturalness comes out


Day 15


Another Fred v Nigel Brexit spat … :roll_eyes:

Campers criticise for Sam not pulling his weight and fetching water … :bucket:

BTT - Fright at The Museum - Nella - Cases of “exhibits” containing stars and critters - Nella had to search and extract the stars in the dark … Now call me Mr Cynical but, suddenly, Nella starts chanting mantras to help her stay calm - this, of course would have nothing to do with her previous panics and a convenient “medical emergency” … :disguised_face: - surprise, surprise, she gets 9 out of 10 stars … :astonished:

Meanwhile, the campers are sunbathing … :bikini: :briefs: :sunglasses:

Letters from Home time so a ball-balancing/transfer game to play - 10 letters won.

Dinner - Wallaby Sausage (looking good … :016:) - Fred interfering again but he had the grace to admit that Josie did a good job … :yum:

Letters arrived and read - I skipped that.


Nella v Frankie - Frankie OUT … :exclamation:

No real surprise, although I would have preferred Nella’s departure - still, there will be other chances, there may be a new camp leader … and she will still be eligible for trials … :thinking:

Im sorry but i skipped the tearful letters bit . I can understand the girls missing their babys and of course the dads but they’ve only been apart say 3 weeks . I dont see my family for months on end and i dont cry !

Good ole josie shes cooking up some good food .

I still like Sam he spreads the love

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I would love to see one of the contestants hug Ant and Dec and cover them in stinking mess or bugs. I thought Fred might tonight. Ant and Dec are so smug and spotlessly clean. I would love to see their faces if they got a blob of something nasty on their faces

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Day 16


Josie’s breakfast rice is, apparently, edible … :no_mouth:

BTT - Celebrity Distressing Room - Fred insisted on volunteering - 5 rooms with 9 hidden stars and various critters - IMO, a lot of items to shift in the time, even for fit Fred but he got 7/9 … :clap:

Josie’s bean fritter lunch turned into oily bean stew, which the campers described as “different” … :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Tony spent some time talking about boxing - his head’s been hit over 1,000,000 times … :astonished:

Nella and Sam had some fun “auditioning” for JLS … :roll_eyes:

Dinner - Kangaroo Tails - Fred advised braising but Josie decided to stew it for a couple of hours while the campers starved … :stew:

Elimination - Nella v Marvin - Nella OUT … :026: … “Karma is a bitch” … :laughing:

I skipped the interview … I hope that I never see the NPOW ever again … :expressionless:

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ITV viewers were left perplexed on Tuesday morning after Nella Rose pulled out of her first interview since leaving I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! The social media influencer, 26, was the second campmate to leave the jungle after winning the least amount of public votes, but her subsequent interview on breakfast show Lorraine was later cancelled without explanation.

Typically, contestants will be interviewed remotely by the Scottish presenter after leaving the jungle camp, with first evictee Frankie Dettori featuring on Monday’s show. But Nella opted out of the pre-arranged live appearance to give herself time to ‘rest and recover’, leaving producers in an eleventh hour scramble to fill her slot.

While celebrities are normally greeted by their loved ones when they cross the bridge out of the jungle, Nella was not met by anyone on Monday evening. She has since reunited with her brother, who jetted to Australia to be beside her after she became the second campmate voted out the jungle.

I’m surprised at Nella turning down “showtime” … :astonished:

Day 17


Nella out but (most of) the campers) love her … :man_shrugging:

In camp, Sam and Marvin improvised a “cop-buddy” movie so well that Josie demanded to be included … :071:

BTT - “Fly on the Wall” - Fred insisted on doing another and joined Marvin dressed as flies on a wall, suspended over a lake, trying to prise off half-stars - not the easiest of tasks, standing on a very slippery ledge - both ended up in the lake a couple of times but managed to get 5 out of 8 stars … :clap:

With the “Leader” gone, Danielle took over and appointed Josie as Deputy - Sam and Nick became cooks, Fred was (almost inevitably) assigned dunny duty … :roll_eyes:

Sam and Josie were assigned a “Secret Mission”, involving lying to the other campers, in order to gain entrance to the Jungle Arms for all the campers - Tony was roped in, too - Mission Accomplished … :disguised_face:

Dinner - Emu Rump - cooked to Fred’s satisfaction by Sam … :shallow_pan_of_food:

The Jungle Arms - Beer, Pizza, Crisps and Karaoke … :hear_no_evil:

The Elimination - Fred v Danielle - Fred OUT … :exclamation:

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Hoping Danielle goes out tonight. She does very little apart from tittle tattle and have her totally out of proportion implants sticking out of her bird like frame.


Day 18


Danielle attracted a tick on the back in the bus - she was petrified … :scream_cat:

Nick had the runs - rushed past Josie to get in the dunny and let a big one drop , much to her amusement … :rofl:

BTT - The Critter Mixer - Sort of cement mixer truck with a cage on the back - Tony drove and answered questions under an onslaught of repellent gunge - Marvin and Nick were strapped in the back and retrieved stars while under an avalanche of critters - 6/7 … :clap:

Deals on Wheels - Josie and Nigel had to sort animal lilos, the campers answered the question correctly - a chocolate biscuit for each was won … :+1:

Tony, Josie and Nigel had a surprisingly polite discussion on Brexit - polite mainly because T & J knew very little about it … :slightly_smiling_face:

Dinner - Possum - Fried by Sam - Edible … :shallow_pan_of_food:

Elimination - Nick v Josie - Nick OUT … :exclamation:

I watched his interview - he’d done more than I remembered and was pleasant to listen to … :slightly_smiling_face:

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Day 19

Sunny (and hot)

The campers general depression was made worse when the popular Nick left … :slightly_frowning_face: … and even worse when they realised that Sam was solo cook … :frowning_face:

BTT - No Time to Cry - Cry Harder - Sam volunteered

A “sequel” to the BTT that Nella aborted - Underground with obstacles and critters - 6 stars to be collected with the aid of a “secret agent” watch - Sam nervous but thrilled to be an “agent” - faltered on the first obstacle (laser beams) but then shot through the rest to get 6/6 … :clap:

His success and popularity at camp were, however, short-lived - he burned the rice (although he blamed his new sous-chef, Nigel) … :-1:

Celebrity goss:

Danielle (not being intellectually gifted) was lucky enough to get into “Jamie Oliver’s Dream School”, taking drama with Simon Callow and Dominic West as mentors then had similar luck with her (bad) Eastenders audition … :exclamation:

Tony, after he retired, got a call offering him a film part in a “Rocky” movie but he decided against it - the next thing he knew the movie director flew in from Hollywood and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse - apparently Sly really wanted him for “Creed” and rebooked him for “Creed 3” … :exclamation:

Them’s the breaks … :wink:

Dinner was Rubber Lip Fish - no-one was impressed except Nigel (game is his bag … :face_with_monocle:) - once he’d prepared the fish, Sam made a good job of cooking it and the campers were well impressed … … :shallow_pan_of_food:

A short shift for the campers at a “Call Centre” then followed - taking and answering calls in a bug-infested office - 12 calls dealt with - a full breakfast earned … :fried_egg:

Camp - Elimination - Danielle v Tony - Danielle OUT … :exclamation:

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Some revelations and disclosures from Nick:


17 lbs … :exclamation:

Day 20


Breakfast arrived - bacon, eggs and bread with ketchup … :fried_egg: :bacon:

Josie’s wind was expelled with some force and for some duration … :scream_cat:

BTT - Grotty Christmas - Nigel and Marvin - Subjected to deluges of rotten meat and veg, critters and gunge while collecting stars then forced to crack open eyes to collect the “juice”, which had to be drunk … :scream: - 5/5/ - :clap:

Josie and Nigel had a chat in the bus - Nigel revealed the gravy train that is the life of a Euro MEP - … :astonished:

Campers “Meet the Family” … but I didn’t.

Dinner … a great-looking goat-leg - fried up by Sam - went down well … :shallow_pan_of_food:

Elimination - Josie v Marvin OUT … :exclamation:

Another nice chap who performed all tasks and duties without seeking attention … :clap:

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Day 21

Sombre in camp … :no_mouth:

Celebrity Cyclone - the balls and the water … :ocean:

Josie and Sam excited, Nigel and Tony less so … :026: :thinking:

Nigel - first up with 4 stars - struggled but stayed put

Josie - collected 3 from Nigel but knocked back - restarted

Sam - took his time - collected 2 from Josie

Tony - collected 1 from Sam - stood up well until he was knocked down

Eventually all 4 celebs in position - meal won … :exclamation:

Deals on Wheels - some sort of game (I took a comfort break) - a win - ice cream with flakes in cones … :icecream:

Dinner - Buffalo Ribs - they were large, but fatty - did the campers care … :question: … erm, no - they tore them apart with their teeth … :grimacing:

Elimination - Josie OUT … :exclamation:

An all-male final, then … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Day 22


BTT x 3 - 1 each

Tony strapped on a plate and covered in critters and gore for 10 mins - he wasn’t happy and kept calling some people (the producers?) “arseholes” but he stayed put … :clap:

Sam had the eating trial - large portions of critters and animal parts - the camel toe was tough but the pig’s vagina almost defeated him … :pig::clap:

Nigel - locked in a coffin with large and unhappy snakes for 10 mins - … :coffin: … Nigel stayed cool … :clap:

A Full Last Supper won - courses and drinks of their choice … :026:

3rd - Nigel - delighted and diplomatic … :037:

Sam and Tony together in the studio - Bromance Revisited … :052:

Runner-Up - Tony … :026:

Winner - Sam … :041:

No Zara for Sam, just his best friend, Pete … :thinking:

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Missed last couple so thanks for posting . Pleasd Sam won . I liked all three men . Nigel a cool dude and a true gentleman .

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Thanks for the coverage Omah.
I haven’t had the time (or inclination) to follow this years I’m a celebrity, but I’ve looked in every day on the forum to catch up with the show from your excellent reports…
Well done…I just wanted you to know it was appreciated…