I'm a Celebrity 2023 - Day 20 - Marvin OUT

Never watched it, have no intention to. But I can’t seem to get away from the adverts for it.

Is the idea being you have to guess which one is a celebrity? Or one which will become a celebrity?

I have no idea who any of them are. :thinking: apart from that Nigel Farage.

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Me neither Graham, I think I’ll give it a swerve this year… :009:

Frankie dottori might be onto a winner .


This year’s series will feature Australia’s highest ever trial and the infamous eating trial - where celebrities consume the likes of pig testicles and deer blood - will become extreme this year as stars will have to eat more than one disgusting dish on the menu if they wish to win awards.

Camp is a lot smaller than it appears on screens at home and the beds are cramped and basic.

The water pool where the celebs swim to cool off which is reportedly infested with Yabbies - an Australian crustacean around eight inches long from the crayfish family.

With rain is set to beat down on the set a whole host of creepy crawlies and ‘flesh-eating leeches’ could also be making an appearance.

Last year, bosses had no choice but to close the camp for a whole day, when they were hit by a storm, with Joe Swash saying it had ‘leeches everywhere in the water’.

At the time, downpours also swept in parasitic worms, which typically live in creeks and in bushlands, into suburban streets, so this year’s wild weather could spell trouble.

Well, it’s not a holiday camp … :037:

I’ll have the Yabbies, thank you very much. Yum!

I hope they know how to catch them - bit of meat on a string, when they grab hold just slowly pull 'em in.


The former England rugby ace, 36, tied the knot with Victoria Rose, 42, in an intimate ceremony in 2021, but last week he told fans it’s all over between the pair. Danny reportedly split up from his wife amid reports she found some “text messages” on his phone.

AFAIK, he would have been a “latecomer” so opening night is unaffected and there may well be a backup.

The real star of the show

I’m A Celebrity is back Down Under and returns to our screens on Sunday night (November 19) at 9pm with an extended 105-minute episode.

I’ve never watched it. Maybe it’s more of a younger persons show? A few members of the family like it.

In the middle of an arid desert … Josie Gibson, Nigel Farage and Nella Rose use a convenient Jeep to locate abandoned vehicles containing snakes, slime and (importantly) tokens to buy time for the other celebs to compete tasks … Josie and Nigel were up for it and coped, but Nella just kept shrieking … :man_shrugging:

The first task was, inevitably, the tower task - this time for Sam, Danielle, Grace and Fred - all completed the task and secured 4 stars - obviously all were scared and Danielle, in particular, was visibly shaking

Marvin, Nick and Jamie-Lynne took the sky-dive into the Temple of Doom, a critter-infested spelling game and earned 6 stars - completing a full house for a first night

… and so to camp … all 10 for a kangaroo supper … :kangaroo:

Next … the first BTT - Jungle Pizzeria - Nella and Nigel … obviously Nigel will relish it but, unless her behaviour changes, the shrieking Nella will become the voters favourite and the camp will starve … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The younger sister of Britney made her debut in the Jungle on Sunday night alongside a host of other stars including Nigel Farage and Marvin Humes. The 32-year-old was thrown into I’m A Celeb life right away having to complete a skydive then a critter-filled trial ahead of heading into camp.

Some viewers thought she looked older than her sister, although she’d probably been unnerved by the “reality” of her entrance experience.

I’m A Celeb bosses are believed to already be fearing that Jamie Lynn may quit the show less than 24 hours after entering camp.

She is said to have isolated herself from her her fellow stars. She must, however, remain in the jungle 72-hours in order to receive her full pay cheque.

JLS was, seemingly, unprepared for IAC and, no doubt, expected a hotel-oriented “shoot” … the horrors of the dunny await … :poop: :hole: :spider:

A petulant diva and all she’s famous for is being someone’s sister? :grinning:


Day 2

Nigel takes a shower - in the nude - Josie does a double-take … :103:

Fred and Nigel 'ave an argy-bargy over Brexit - everyone else wanders off … :wink:

BTT - Jungle Pizzeria

Nella giggling, screaming and showing off, Nigel quietly confident.

Nella had bugs, snails, penises, a wichetty grub and rank fish - she, literally, made a meal of her efforts and turned down the fish because “she’s a lady” … :roll_eyes:

Nigel had udders, teats, feet, tongues, rank fruit, anuses and penises - ate them all and commented politely … :slightly_smiling_face:

Nella was noticeably giving Nigel the evil eye during his efforts - patently, if it ain’t about her then she ain’t bovvered (not) … :angry:

JLS had a minor breakdown … :089:

Seemingly, the producers intervened because the next thing we know JLS is taking a bath surrounded by adoring celebs - as Ant said, it was like a scene from a renaissance painting … :astonished:

Josie and Nick did a “Deals on Wheels” - painting in the rain and staying humorous but the celebs blew the question and lost coloured popcorn … :yawning_face:

Dinner was buffalo tail … so tough that it took hours to cook - the girls gave up and went to bed … :zzz:

The next BTT - No Time to Cry - JLS and Nella up - Nella, inevitably, chosen … :man_shrugging:

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Never watched, anything with Celebrity in the Title is not my thing.

ITV are reporting a loss of 2 Million viewers, all down due to Farage being in the cast.


Of course it is Swimmy…It’s got nothing to do with the fact that nobody knows anyone except Farage…I’m a celeb has been losing viewers every season because they are getting fed up with the same thing year after year. I think there are a couple of people on here who would desperately like it to be because Nigel is in it this year.


I watched some of it and got bored. Maybe the programme has had its day.

Fans were forced to watch 21 minutes of adverts during the 90 minute programme - meaning that early one quarter of the slot was given over for lucrative ads. In total there were five breaks in the show.

It could cause concern amongst ITV bosses after the show shed another one million viewers after the opening night on Sunday which already saw a loss of two million fans compared to 2022.

Seven million people tuned in for the opening night of the 23rd season on Sunday night but it was a significant drop from last year’s season with Matt Hancock which attracted 9.1million viewers.

Last year’s figures were up two million from the previous year with Mr Hancock’s appearance undoubtedly a pull for viewers to watch the disgraced health minister undergo the gruelling challenges.

But Mr Farage’s appearance on the show has stoked up backlash with calls to boycott the show and viewing figures last night reflected this as 6.1 million people tuned in - a one million loss from Sunday night.

However, it managed to entice of 76 per cent of 16-34-year-olds watching TV that night, with 1.4 million of its viewers being under the age of 35. The ratings will come as a welcome to ITV, as the broadcaster has been making a strong bid to attract younger viewers to I’m A Celebrity this year.

ITV have also brought in Nella Rose to the lineup, in an attempt to boost their ratings with the younger generation. But her constant screaming on the show has also caused annoyance among viewers.

The third episode of I’m a Celebrity air tonight with the TikTok sensation Nella, 26, embarking on her second Bushtucker trial No Time to Cry.

I’d echo both of those complaints.

I rarely watch “live” TV so the number and length of the advert breaks came as a massive shock to me … :astonished:

TBH, I find Nella totally obnoxious - her persistent screaming, laughing and bad manners along with her arrogance and indolence may “attract younger viewers” but they don’t attract me … :icon_rolleyes:

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Day 3

A wet morning in camp - everybody up except Nella … :zzz:

… then, when she did get up, she tore into Fred for a throwaway comment he made the night before - he’d said he could be her father (meaning old enough) - Nella decided to treat it as disrespect since her father died 4 years ago and told Fred that she wanted NOTHING to do with him - no talking, no food, no contact … :scream:

IMO, she was so over-the-top that I decided that she was either mad or manipulative - she certainly got her “airtime” over that but she got less for her BTT - “No Time To Cry” - after collecting a mere 3 stars in an underground tunnel she cried to be let out … :sob:

The celebs were sympathetic but Nigel seems to have the handle on her charade … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

JLS cried … and cried … and cried … :089:

Others made conversation - the lads and “First Dates”, Nigel and his broken body … :face_with_head_bandage:

The luxury items were up for grabs but Marvin, Sam, Danielle and Grace managed only 4 (and not JLS’s) - lip-gloss for Nella, pillow for Josie, cushion for Nick and, oddly, a blow-up plastic pineapple for Danielle … :pineapple:

When dinner arrived, it was a pair of croc’s feet between 10 people … :crocodile: … the hunger games begin … :open_mouth:

Next BTT (Nella and Nigel excluded) - Climb of Cruelty - JLS … this might be a chance for her to turn a corner - if she does well then she may begin to enjoy the IAC experiece … :thinking:

What a joke - a Jungle!! It’s a rainforest and a National Park

the show is being filmed (again) in Springbrook National Park, northern NSW. a stones throw away from Murwillumbah and close to the Queensland border.in or near Dungay, 20 minutes from the beach and the flesh pots of the Gold Coast.

Edit. I forgot to mention the camp is just off Dungay Creek Road if you want to look on Google Maps

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