If you could talk to anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

I would like to talk to Professor Julius Sumner Miller and ask him,“Why is it so?”

Professor Miller’s pure joy as experiment takes unexpected turn 1964

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Aside from family members no longer with us, I’d love to talk to people who were around before the advent of ‘modern civilisation’/religion. I bet they lived purer, happier lives, even if they were at times more difficult. (ref: Civilized to Death by Christopher Ryan)

Alan Turing - the father of computing. Can you imagine what the world would be like without computers? No modern science. No smart phones. No digital TVs. No internet. No computers. No MP3 players. No advances in modern science that require computers. Etc etc etc. It would be a very different world.

Nikola Tesla - to ask whether he really did find the secret to free energy!

George Harrison. Mr NiceGuy, that’s how I see him. He held it together under the spotlight in an era of social change.

After a walk around the estate together, coffee in the kitchen, then into his state of the art recording studio at Friary Park. We could write a song together … rain on my window pane …

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King Khufu, his engineers and logisticians. Not only would I like to know how The Great Pyramid was built but the supplies, resources etc that must have been necessary are truly mind boggling!