I want to live in ad land

Yes I want to live in a land that the advertisers see
Where you can drive your brand new car on empty streets with no traffic always finding a parking space right outside that trendy place you need to be at, if your car needs plugging in, you are guaranteed to find an empty ,working charging point and it’s never raining when you plug in, when you go on holiday with your 2.4 children the beaches are always empty, you don’t have to fight for a space, as is the hotel/apartment your staying at, you have the pool to yourself and no one else’s towel on the sun loungers, when you get back, you can gamble , responsibly of course, and never lose, you’ll be the toast of your friends as you predict who takes the winning kick, or gets the first red card, you can get a loan , easily able to afford the 1250% repayment that you can see easily displayed for 3 milliseconds in the small print, with your loan or vast gambling winnings, you can afford the latest smartphone on the best network that the lovely Kevin bacon is so passionate about, yes I’d like to live in ad land, life is sooo perfect

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Are you sure about that @Primus1, you might have to go to dinner with Mr and Mrs Nodding-Head from the Verisure alarm ad.

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Yes, but I might get a good deal on an alarm system

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I want to drive though exploding crops, singing: Takes My Breath Away ♫♪♪

We did a few commercials with our dogs. here is one of them

I was absolutely staggered how much money is spent on making them. This one alone involved paying us- our agent- model and her agent- makup- clothing- props- director- photographer- location- each with their own agent - catering let al;one editing and producing. This was many years ago yet must have cost thoiusands to make, of course it goes down to business expenses but that still means it costs so much. unbelievable.

ERven the stills we did let alone the videos for different companies the price spent on one shoot was mind blowing

That’s because KB is still trying to make up all those millions he lost to Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.

Sounds like you’ve got the really good stuff there Primus!

Can you share some with me and I’ll puff and pass to the next member… oh wait! It’s COVID-19! I’ll smoke it all


Idyllic indeed Primus - and don’t forget that you’d be forever young, slim, beautiful, with perfect teeth, dressed expensively, with the house of your dreams that is always, magically, squeaky clean and sparkling, with top of the range kitchen, bathrooms and expensively furnished throughout.

Yeah, I could live like that…


But you’d have to be deliriously happy about eating a Domino’s pizza

Or not fussy about your diet.

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