I need to replace the battery in my laptop

For several months now my laptop has not been reaching full charge.
It also only lasts a couple of hours unplugged. It turns itself off with supposedly 30 - 40% still available.
Yesterday I ordered a new battery, the technician took the back of the laptop to get the number.
There was a definite warp in the battery.

It’s not always the battery that is the problem. They build in obsolescence into goods deliberately so that despite putting in a new battery, the system’s ability to charge reduces over time as the unit ages. It’s just to make you buy a new machine. Plus they get extra income from replacement of batteries which don’t make any difference.

I will see how it goes. The current battery is on it’s last legs.
I have had this laptop for 4 years so I got my monies worth.

I bought a new battery for my laptop (ordered 2 actually), and the technician in the shop had a devil of a job attaching the cables.

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My laptop is a simple HP Stream. Hopefully there will be no problems.

Some units are sealed now with integrated batteries that cannot be replaced.

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Just wandering a little bit from the O/P
We bought a Gtech cordless vacuum cleaner. I must say, it’s brilliant but Mrs Fox like to have a spare battery, so I went on to the Gtech website and found the correct battery…

I’ve had my laptop about 4 years Bretrick, and my battery isn’t lasting half as long as it used to do. It makes me wonder just how long these car batteries will last. Bearing in mind that range will be considerably reduced each year from battery deterioration.

The technician had the back of yesterday, so all good there. :slightly_smiling_face: