I love everything about nature

Being a nature lover, I find all things beautiful
Here are three photos I took yesterday of a Coastal Banksia - Integrifolia.
Beautiful Flower Head, called inflorescences. Beautiful seed pods.


I blame god for all the bad things


I agree and a natural female breast is far better than any silicone job and warmer to the touch too :wink:

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nice to see unusual seeds .the yellow one looks pretty .
just a thought do you have Conker Trees in Australia . my Son when he was 10 year old grew a tree from a Conker in fact he grew 3 , and because they would grow too big for our garden we passed them on to a Water works conservation area .
Not sure they still there though as the Works had a upgrade and it was thought it was built wherethe Trees were growing . :worried:

:joy::joy::joy: I’m not sure where that came from but it made me laugh out loud. :joy::joy::joy:

Conker Tree - European Chestnut Tree
No Conker Trees here, not in the wild anyway.

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Hi all ozzie lovers !! - just been watching part of this and throughly recommend of course

walking in the snowy mountains and talking to country

would certainly recommend if you can get a copy - a whitefella [female] walked with an Indigenous man through the snowy mountains with camera crew of course and learned all about the history of nature before the whitefellas came. They explore talking to nature and seeking permission to walk through the land and canoe on the rivers. things that whitefellas have often long forgotten in some cases. Enjoy

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