I have often wondered about pickled eggs!

Food of the gods or to be avoided unless you are drunk in your local chip shop and you need a nibble while your cod is cooking?

I have often wondered about those eggs in the huge jars, they never seem to age, they are always white! :shock:
So in the interest of culinary science I did some research.

I now think you will find that the pickled eggs in your local chippy are for decorative purposes only and not for sale. They are in fact made of china hence the reason they never seem to change colour.

In the interest of science you could carry out a very small experiment to ascertain the truth of the matter.

1 Walk into your local chippy
2 Go straight to the counter and open the jar
3 Place your hand into the jar and remove one from the bottom of the jar, remembering to remove your glove first.
4 Squeeze the egg, checking for texture and listening for the give away squeek.
5 Drop the egg back into the jar, stare at the staff and customers and say loudly, “China”
6 Walk out leaving the grateful staff and customers cheering you.
I thought I would share that with you, there is no charge.

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Oh Rehab, I just love pickled eggs.
Rember when I was expecting my first and got a craving for them so he had to go to the local pub and get me some.
Loved them ever since.

:smiley: My local supermarket sells them…deeee lish us

You are pushing on an open door.

I lurve pickled eggs but boy don’t they give you the wind? Smells just like burnt rubber hahaha!!!:102:

I tried them once but wasn’t impressed. They tasted like eggs in vinegar to me. :mrgreen:

Pickled Walnuts are very tasty as well. :wink:

I haven"t noticed wind, perhaps it is the sea air round here that wafts them away ?


Disgusting things should be outlawed:078:

Love pickled walnuts. I buy them reduced this time of year as the shops only seem to stock them at Christmas

My hubby pickles eggs every Christmas not in a small jar but the very large jars you get with gherkins in, he saves them up and then the pickling begins. i hate the smell from the kitchen when he’s boiled and shelled them… yuck!

Strange food is chinese-100 year old eggs and it still tastes like chicken.


Boiled eggs smell if they are cooked too long, breaks down the sulphur in them.

Boil them for less time and no smell.:slight_smile:

Ok, I was being silly there but they do don’t they. They taste like exactly what they are, eggs in vinegar with no surprises.

I have never eaten a pickled egg , the idea of cold stale egg with vinegar on doesn’t appeal.
The little grandchildren love them but then unlike most children they will eat anything.

Student days oop North. Oh yes seen it. 7 pints of Tetley`s chippy, and a pickled egg. I was an undergrad chemist before switching to Psychology. Is it mind or matter?-why eat a pickled egg when one knows one is going to throw it up?

Stop it, stop it all of you - I am drooling all over my keyboard here!

I have never tried pickling eggs - would your hubby care to share his recipe?

Is it just as simple as boiling a few eggs and sticking them in jar with vinegar?

Strange that, isn’t it Longdoggy. :smiley:

I must say I have never fancied eating one.

Wasn’t it Sir Thomas Beecham who said “You should try everything once except incest and Morris/Folk dancing” ??!!

Dare’s you, Mups !!