I have never met or known a Ned in my entire life!

Yet it seems to be a popular choice of name for a character in a book. I am not keen on it myself, and therefore discard a book if it is part of the main story. What’s wrong with simple, modern names. The one I am currently reading has a Lisa, Ava, Marilyn, and a Simon.

Are you a Ned? Do you know one?

I don’t know anyone called Ned.
I remember one of my schoolfriends had an Uncle Ned but his proper name was Edward.

I think the name Ned was more popular in the first half of the 20th Century than it is now - one of my favourite teenage fiction series was Nancy Drew and she had a boyfriend called Ned Nickerson - I thought his name sounded quite unpleasant but I still enjoyed reading the Nancy Drew mysteries.

Bit of a mouthful in that name, lol!

Never met a Ned…so, I can say I’ve never met a Ned I didn’t like. :grinning:

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I knew a guy with Kelly has his surname, he was called Ned for obvious reasons although his name was Norman.

In Scotland and sometimes we used it down here, Ned used to be an insult

It meant a lout, who was usually young and a petty crim with no job on benefits and living on what they could make being dodgy

So no, I wouldn’t call y children Ned!

No, can’t say I’ve ever met a Ned but I do know several Teds (including my brother).

Ned Sheridan, cricketer. But correctly called Edward.

There’s the Bushranger Ned Kelly.

He was an Edward too

(not my pic)

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Come to think of it what exactly is Ned short for. No I have never know or associated with any one named Ned.

No, I don’t believe I’ve ever known anyone called Ned. Most Edwards I’ve come across have been Ed or Eddie. I actually think Ned is quite a nice name, except for the fact that it’s always been a children’s name for a horse - well, Neddy. You know, as in ‘Giddy-up Neddy’ when they’re sitting astride the back of the sofa (if Mummy doesn’t catch them that is :joy:)

It is short for Edward. Odd why the ‘N’ is inserted, but then I guess it’s no more odd than Nelly being a shortened version of Helen!!

That explains why I never met a Ned. Over it would have been Ed or more popularly Eddie, not Ned.

Yes, it is here as well. I wonder if Ned is traditionally an Australian contraction of Edward? As in Ned Kelly, of course.

I do know that most English men who come over here with the name Charles don’t appreciate the people in the Southern States calling them Chuck. :rofl:

Ned Seagoon!

Very famous man!

But Chic is OK like Chic Murray.

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I not sure about others the only thing that ever bugged me was people assuming my name was Daniel. This has gone on throughout my life and you can see why understandably. Daniel is not my given name though and I don’t answer to it. For some reason I’m not sure why, either consciously or unconsciously they named us all with 2 consonants and a Y or I ending.
oh and a half-sister