I have dreamed many dreams

For some reason I went looking for my Mother whom I have not seen or spoken to in 54 years.
If she was still alive she would be about 96
There were several people with me, though I do not know who they were. Also two dogs accompanied me. A Pug and not sure about the other one.
I had heard that she lived on Devine Rd in a suburb of Hobart, Tasmania.
So I ended up in a hotel in that suburb and was asking everyone there where Devine Rd was. No one knew where Devine Rd was.
The only thing to do was to go door knocking, asking people where the Rd was. We all traipsed out of the Hotel and began knocking and asking. For hours this went on and it was now dark. Finally one Lady told me where it was and we set out.
When finally we reached the house it was about 10 pm, I knocked on the door, a lady answered but I could not see her face because she never turned a light on, afraid of strangers?
So I asked her if she was Margaret, and used her married name when she was my Mother but I instantly corrected myself and used her new married name.
She said yes and I told her who I was. She tentatively said, "Well come in but only you, not all those other people and definitely not those mutt Pugs.
I still had not seen her face, she stepped aside to let me in. I walked past her into a totally dark house, she shut the door and I woke up.

Your dreams are very interesting. I, myself, have many recurring dreams that I am still trying to figure out the meaning of.

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Many of my dreams are very vivid. It seems I remember most of my dreams.
If I awaken during a dream I can access that dream when I go back to sleep.
Which is why, if the dream is scary I do not immediately go back to sleep.
I never try to analyse my dreams. Just marvel at the variety of them.