I have a sore arm

I have been tasked with removing a carpet and replacing it with laminate flooring to make it easier to manoeuvre my Uncle/FiL in a powered wheelchair around our home.

This afternoon I emptied a display cabinet and packed a load of nicnacs into boxes. I then cut up the carpet into pieces, moving the display cabinet around as I went, then cut the underlay into sections, again moving the cabinet as needed. At this point my left upper arm started to hurt a little.
After I carried everything I had removed down to the garage, I used a claw hammer and pincers to pull up the carpet grips and removed a bunch of staples that had been used to fix the underlay.
By this time my arm was becoming quite sore.
Having removed four joining strips I refitted them, and a fitted a fifth where the remains of the old carpet at the top of the stairs will meet the new laminate, then swept and vacuumed the work site. By this time I had had enough.

My health and stamina is not good at the best of times, and now my arm was painful, so I packed my tools away, did a few minor jobs outside, then settled down to watch TV after tea with my Lovely Cousin. A few hours later whilst rubbing my sore arm, it hit me.
My arm wasn’t hurting because of an excess of DIY. It was hurting because I had received my annual flue jab this morning.
Oh what a Whally.


Sometimes helping someone out is a “shot in The Arm”

@Tedc Better than a shot in the foot Ted :grin::grin:
Donkeyman! :+1::+1:

Getting that wrong could also prove it was “a shot in the dark” too!

You had me worried for a minute there Fruity, you silly man. :smiley:

That happens to me every year after the flu jab, if that’s the only side-effect
then for me it’s well worth having the jab.

I’m lucky that I’ve never had any kind of reaction to vaccines other than the injection site being sore.
It’s still a bit sore to the touch, but it’s not caused me any bother even though I have been cutting and fitting laminate flooring today.
Like you say, it’s well worth having if that’s all you have to put up with for a bit.

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Glad the soreness is easing Fruitcake.

Found the covid jab did the same thing. My arm was actually quite sore for the first 12hrs or so.

Me too.
Hope you feel better fruitcake

Thanks all. No soreness today. Well, apart from self inflicted wounds caused by DIY.