I can eat practically anything and never turn my nose up at any food - how about you?

I can eat practically anything and never turn my nose up at any food put before me…except Caviar and Octopus or Squid.
One food I have never tried but would certainly like to experience is the taste of Truffle.
How about you…what food would make you ‘heave’ and which would you like to try for the first time ?

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I would heave at Mushrooms … I love the smell of them cooking but cant physically put one in my mouth to eat it…id gag!!!:confused:

Id love to try lobster as never had that ,it always looks nice,especially lobster thermidor…it reminds me of the alien facehugger bug lol…:shock::lol:

Hi Malcolm.
I too can eat for Britain and have only ever almost heaved the one time I tried Taramasalata. I swear it was just cat food straight from a tin.

Did you purr after eating it EZ ? :twisted:…Meeiowww :wink:

Note to self:>>>>>> dont try the taramasalata:lol:

I agree with you about Taramasalata and I will add it to my list.
Although I do enjoy the variety of food I don’t have a huge appetite and currently weigh just over 12 stones.

I have eaten many different foods all over Europe and most were very tasty. I love french food and have eaten many strange things, like frogs legs… which I liked. I also love moules mariniere but I have never had the courage to try snails, which I understand just taste of what they are cooked with, like garlic.
I am not a fussy eater, so tend to try most things, but I really wish somebody could offer me a very tasty vegetarian recipe that would make me want to eat vegetarian food maybe 3-4 times a week… I could never completely give up meat and fish though.

I seem to be eating more fresh fish lately. I love Cod just with a little butter, wrapped in foil and popped the oven for 15mins or so. Usually leaves me still feeling hungry so I often have a full roast the following day. My weight has stayed much the same for quite a few years now.

I’d be quite happy not to have to eat anything!
The only food I enjoy, slightly, is cod with peas and potato croquets or cheese.
I don’t trust food anymore thanks to not being able to eat anything except porridge for ages, now I have a phobia of trying anything (and taking medication).
Still, I’m a cheap date! :slight_smile:

Same here Tess … I’ve never been too keen on food. I’d happily just pop a pill a day if someone invented one.
I get the odd fad where I stuff my face with a particular thing but as a rule I’m unadventurous. I’ve always just been a bag of chips and steak & kidney pud girl.

I wish we had a ‘Chippy’ nearer to where we live.
There are times when I would like a steak puddin’ and chips but by the time I had got the car out and driven there and then driven back again the chips would be cold and I would have gone off the whole idea.

Try wrapping them in foil and putting them in a cool bag Malcolm it’s amazing how far you can travel with hot food that way.

They were saying on the radio this morning that most families have a repertoire of up to the same 9 dishes, week in, week out.
I should think there’s quite a bit of truth in that.

I’m not very adventurous myself, I like fish - salmon/cod/mackerel/scampi/trout, the usual types, and I like beef/pork/lamb/chicken/turkey too, but don’t do anything wildly adventurous with them.

Things I couldn’t eat if you paid me would be - any offal and internal organs like liver or kidneys. Also I can’t bear beetroot/semolina/veal/black pudding or haggis, or anything more exotic like perhaps frogs legs/sushi/squid.

Caviar no, also Tripe, but a firm favourite with many is Bubble and Squeak, even the smell makes me nauseous.

I haven’t had bubble & squeak for years Nom, me Mum used to do that alot when we were kids and I liked it then.

Ugh …it made me shudder just reading that word.
My mum loved tripe and brawn.


Beetroot is a no no for me.

I’ve tried lots of the foods mentioned but could not eat tripe, just the look of it puts me off. I don’t like squid either, I don’t think its the taste but its quite rubbery texture!

Many years ago I tried seal and would like to taste that again.

There are lots of things I don’t eat including chicken (the smell of it cooking makes me feel ill) turnips, parsnips, marrow, recognisable animal parts :lol:

I could easily be a vegetarian .

Well the food that makes me heave is anything that has had a face and pulse, I am vegan - still considered to be odd this day and age. There are so many lovely recipes and foods out there that are tasty without dead stuff

I eat pretty much anything but I’m not a huge fan of too spicy food.