I bought a Native Wisteria 6 months ago

I had to place an order for it as they are very popular because of the masses of purple/blue flowers which are produced in Spring and Summer.
It is the middle of Winter here and my potted Wisteria is starting to flower.



I love wisteria…I had to leave a lovely one at my last house and the silly woman who bought the house removed it and all the other lovely flowers and shrubs I lovingly looked after…its a paved area now :frowning:

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Some people do not appreciate plants. Might have been too much work to keep it looking good.
No plants, no work.

my son bought one about 3year ago ,its not doing well .

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They need to be pruned each year. Apply compost as well as Blood and Bone all purpose plant food in Spring and a generous layer of mulch.
Hardy plants not easily killed.
Water weekly when there is little to no rainfall.

I will pass on that advice , thank you.

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You’re not wrong. When I bought this place it took me several years to get rid of the bamboo and the wisteria. The Wisteria was the length of the fence with stalks as thick as my arm. Took a lot of patience and Roundup to kill it completely.

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The Wisteria will take over and become huge if not trimmed back harshly.
I am keeping mine in a pot to curtail it’s natural tendency to destroy anything that is not extremely robust. :slightly_smiling_face:

My neighbour has this lovely white Wisteria it looks very Japanese when flower


It does look stunning.
Imagine a white and a blue planted together. What a display that would be.

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