I am stupid!

I have no idea why I didn’t think of it before, because I am thick. I have been using a quick release plate

as shown on the bottom of the camcorder to fix onto a Manfrotto befree live tripod.
This plate I have taken off and used on my main Nikon camera as well. Why the hell I never gave it a thought to get another plate I will never know. So just ordered one cost under £8 and will save me a load of messing about.
however did have a brainwave in getting a manfrotto adjustable head without adjusting the legs to get level
All i have do is loosen this part

which then allows the whole tripod head to be levelled up still allowing for pan an tilt the head when tightened. it also has a safety stop so the plate doesn’t slide off the tripod when released there is a button to press as well to free it.

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Oh well, we all have those thick days from time to time.

Hi, I am looking for a budget tripod that I can attach a half decent pan and tilt head to. I do have a reasonable tripod but the pan and tilt mechanism is not great.
Any suggestions?

maybe I can give a couple of pointer to watch out for.
When considering buying a tgripod and head first of all don’t get and all in one, especially with a wind up centre column, I had one and the rachet stripped so had to chuck it.
Also consider the weight the tripod and head can hold, so best weigh up the camera and heavest lens first to see if tghe tripod can hold them. Next test is to fully extend the tripod and see how steady it is. No good getting a cheap one that is going to move every time you take a photo.

Check the max height it goes to you don’t want to keep bending down because it is too short.
on the legs do you want a twist lock

which i don’t like I never feel they are tightened up enough

or a clipover lock whuich I prefer


Another point is how small will it go to carry easily and have its own carrier bag


I can’t recommend enough the Manfrotto Befree Live tripod with the clipover leg clamps. Bit more expensive than twist lock version, As for the head it again is a Manfrotto MVH400AH

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Thanks I suspect that they will be more than I am wanting to pay. Most of my pictures are taken from a first floor window of local wildlife. Will have look at your suggestions tater.
Thanks again.

Then what about something like this by Moman

will go lower as well
tripod = £26
head =£39.99
on amazon

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I got a decent Tripod from Cash Convertors. (or any of these kind of places) £12 it cost me :+1: Does the job fine, lockable 3 part legs and a swivelly thing to put your camera on.

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Can you link to them both though I feel the tripod is a bit too small, most of my images taken via the tripod it stands on a cupboard so needs a bit more height?

I bought a wonderful Manfrotto tripod around 9 years ago, the 190xpro. It was an amazing piece of engineering, whereby you could push the centre column as far up as it could go, then tip it over so it was horizontal - perfect for taking macro shots of plants, insects etc on the ground. I loved that tripod, but honestly, as the years went by, I just wasn’t using it, so earlier this year I gave it to my 15 year old grandson, as he had become very keen on photography. I’m just pleased to see it being used.

Moman head and tripod shown together. There is of course the Primaphoto twist leg tripod which is ok and cheaper shown with a moman fluid head

tripod = £50
fluid head = £30
will hold up to 22lb weight

I have tfhe o55xprob manfrotto tripod together with a pistol type head, but very heavy so really more for studio work when it doesn’t have to be moved around much

I am getting you don’t do links?
Putting Primaphoto twist leg tripod comes up with many choices.
I am hoping this is the head you mentioned.

Mine wasn’t really that heavy, and I bought a carry case for it so I could sling it over my shoulder - really helped!

yes it is I prefer not to do links as there may be other retailers selling same product cheaper

That does not matter as it gives me lots more information with which to search with.

I think trying to advise on tripods and heads is not easy, there are so many makes and variables to consider it is down to personal needs and choice.Even harder than choosing a camera in most cases.

I always suggest first how stable fully extended
what weight will it hold
where it is going to be used
metal or carbon
What amount to spend getting
then the type of head be it gearhead- fluid or ball or even pistol grip.

Sorry but who better to ask advice on photography kit than a photographer but my apologies. Fortunately a couple of people on the AVForums have suggested a few items to look and more importantly links.
Thanks anyway, I won’t trouble you again.

no trouble and sorry I can’t be of more help. However your initial question didn’t explain much for me to work with so I had to generalise . A budget tripod and half decent pan and tilt is scant information to be honest. If how much you wanted to spend might have been a good start as well as where you were going to use it mainly. Also no mention of the camera you were fitting to it so it could have been a small compact or a wacking great DSLR with a 600m lens attached.
Anyway I hope you find what you are looking for. As for links I believe it is better to search and find out for onesself, which I do, to know if you are being ripped off by a company over charging for the same product which can be found but looking arouind. I have often found some misprice at a lower amount or have special offers which I got with the Befree live tripod

I would have provided the information if asked but no matter.
I have been provided with some excellent links which will help in my reseach.