I am not Happy

This is not the first time this has happened, I have been waiting in for a package to be delivered on my Daughters behalf, the time window was 10.08am-12.08pm, I had spoken on the phone to my Daughter at 11.30am and her tracker said the package was 4 miles away with the same time indicator, at 12.15pm I called her and told her no show, so she went back on the tracker which now reads, delivery due between 8.00am-6.00pm, this has happened before, it seems if a driver doesn’t meet the time frame, the system (or the Driver) changes the timeslot to an all day affair. You cannot then get through to and individual to complain, and if you did, they usually deny the existence of the original time projection.
Has this happened to anyone else?

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This sounds like Amazon, if so been there done it, got the T shirt. I am totally baffled by Amazons tracking system.

To be fair, my understanding of the way van delivery drivers are loaded is. These drivers are given almost impossible time slots to achieve & will deliver dozens of packages a day. These packages are not like a postal round, they can be across a city or across multiple villages with miles of road between 2 parcels.

I have driven HGV’s for some all the parcel delivery companies at some point & they are all very similar & personally I would not wish a parcel delivery round on, even someone I did not like.


Not in towns this is not the case. I was a delivery driver and did drive miles between drops used to do the Borders of Scotland over 12oo miles a week. But I have also done city deliveries and these are split in to rounds and if you are really lucky you will get a regular round and probably know it inside out, all the shortcuts etc.

For a few months one summer I did a round for a delivery company on a small 17 tonner. My round was largely based around Great Yarmouth & was mainly business deliveries. But I would cover drops well outside of Great Yarmouth too & would thus cover around 400 km’s plus on an average day & up to 30 drops.

Pharmaceuticals, engineering supplies, supplies for shops, garages, restaurants, fire arms dealers, farmers, offices & a very regular drop of massive & heavy rolls of fabrics. Plus occasional deliveries to ships in harbour. I got it all & some days could cover

perhaps they were in a queue for petrol ? :wink:


I agree - these drivers work incredibly long hours. I’ve had deliveries as late as 8PM, and I know that their deliveries begin at Amazon’s depot at Sheffield at 10:AM. Long hours of stressful driving, so I think they deserve a bit of slack. With the alleged fuel shortage, the situation is bound to get worse.

I have on problem with the driver, and their workload, its the timing system, if someone is going to be late, the system should know the driver is running late and make compensation in the delivery time prediction on the tracking, it should not wait till the last minute of the original projection and if the delivery is not made, open the prediction to the whole day.

I’m just grateful that they do deliver whenever they do because the way things are going everything seems to be falling apart.

We’re lucky, there’s someone in all day so I don’t take much notice of time slots, it arrives when it arrives

I agree Judd!
As I see it, we all want to sit on our bums at home, do our shopping of whatever we can get on the internet & then expect the lorry drivers to deliver it to our door.

Remember the old days when we had to make sure we had enough fuel to drive to the shop and how much of our time did we have to waste travelling to the shop, parking & then bringing the goods home!
Is it any wonder many people don’t want to drive trucks when they have very busy schedules & the the people they deliver too complain because it is late.
I like shopping on the internet, but if I want it quickly, I go to the shops to buy anything I can get locally, or wait in till they are able to deliver it!

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That’s the cruncher, I still have to venture out the house so, an accurate two hour window is important, whatever happened to customer service (even pre Covid) its been going down hill for a while, companies used to have dedicated departments, with set service levels.

Spitty in the old days if a large item was being delivered they just told you what day it would arrive!
If it isn’t large then lots of places are now doing a Click & collect service, where you can go to a local shop and collect the item on a day it is expected to have already arrived.
Perhaps you should arrange with your daughter to have her deliveries on a day when you will not be inconvenienced by waiting in for her items.

Hi Twink
I think this item was a prize, sent totally at the discretion of the company, the point still being, the delivery companies system, after the failed time slot, should store the event as is in real time so, a discussion with a customer service operative can be had, the system should not obliterate the event all together.

@spitfire , That’s wot they call “efficiency” Spitty !!
The customer pays the price for the business to to make more profit !!
Donkeyman! :hugs::hugs:

Yes DM, its like one person makes a promise in a letter to another person and keeps the letter for reference, then, when the promise can’t be kept, they just rip up the letter as if it never existed, so, either the system is programmed to do this or, there is human intervention.