I am all excitement

… Because Mr Amazon has just delivered these :-

Can’t decide which to play with use first.


Could you plan what your going to do with the card while you are using the pans?


Are they steamers Tabbs ?
I thought at first the cards were stick on tattoos
Can’t find my glasses :slight_smile:

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you cookin for an army or summat?


while you are cooking I’m gonna come and nick the card stuff hehe


Yes I got excited at my new camera arrival…till I opened it that is… :cry:
just the case and the battery pack so far…

So your steaming up some ???
great on your crafty gear though… :+1:


I like your thinking!

The top two are steamers, Muddy.

I batch cook, Gumbud, then vac pack and freeze.

You could come and play with the card stuff and have a meal!

I am a big fan of steamers, I have several including bamboo ones and one electric one that I bought for $5 new at an Op Shop - used it only two days ago. Very clever how it works to use minimum power to produce masses of steam. My rice cookers also double as steamers.

As I say, big fan of steaming food. Steaming is the best way of cooking glutinous rice

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God that sounds painful! - No I’ll stay out of that one!

Nice steamer! I would think you would be able to batch cook with those, If I drive over, can we try making some dim sum?

Looks like some people are about to get some very nice cards. Lucky them!

Amazon brought me some teeny tiny detail brushes, but I haven’t been near a canvas in a while.

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That is my second ‘triple’ steamer and completes my collection of saucepans etc., Stellar pans are the best I have ever used - they are ‘catering quality’ - cook food beautifully, nothing ever sticks - and they save on Gas. They are expensive but worth every penny. That steamer cost £80 - but it comes with a lifetime guarantee - and I know from experience (bought my first Stellar pan in 1991) that it will still look as lovely and cook as well 20yrs from now.

Ah but will you ST will you - don’t burn ya heart out on steamers??

I am going to live forever, Gumbud !

actually ST we all are!! see ya in eternity with ya steamer!! - you’ll be all steamed up!!

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