How to video at ground level using

No it does not mean crawling along on hands and knees, there is a far easier way. All you need is a monopod. So what you do is screw the camera onto the end of the monopod and hold it upside down. Don’t forget to put on a clear protective filter first.
Ok video taken but it is upside down but with say an Adobe premier editing suit it can bs turned the correct way up.

As in the quick example above you get a completely different perspective of the world as a small pet would see it

Or you could use a selfie stick and a phone. The latter will film it the right way up too no matter which way up you hold it.

The heading was for a camera. Why didn’t you start your own thread for a phone use? Which would be more relevant instead of trying to highjack mine. Troll comes to mind

Why are you so bitter? The heading actually says “Video”. A phone is most people’s camera. I would also guess that a majority of videos on YouTube and certainly on Tic Toc are taken with a phone camera.

How many people have an actual video camera compared to those who use a phone for videos? I was trying to be inclusive.