How to store produce to last?

Judging by the amount of potatoes I got from one small plant pot I’m going to have an awful lot of spuds when I harvest my 4 huge tubtrugs.

I reckon there’ll be enough potatoes to last me a couple of months.

How do I store them to last?

What can I do with them?

Any idea’s please?

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Well, I dry my chillies then grind them up into a powder, you could try that.

I’ll remember that if I grow any chillies Bruce.

So what do you do with your potatoes - seriously!!:smiley:

I put them in a plastic bin with holes in in the kitchen but they don’t last long because I only buy about two or three at a time.

Having watched Clarkson’s farm, one way seems to be chopping the leaves of the plants off and leaving them in the soil. This, it is claimed, means you can leave the potatoes in the soil for a few weeks and they will develop a bit of a thicker protective skin.

I vaguely remember that my old man, who grew potatoes by the tonne on his allotment, used to brush them clean, pile them up, cover them with a layer of straw then soil.

FWIW…and I’m a farmer’s boy…
We grew potatoes by the acre. We stored them in long rows in a pyramid shape, covered them with a thick layer with straw, then covered them with a layer of earth. They lasted that way until the spring.

Keep the light and sun off them, or they will go green, that green is poisonous, especially if your pregnant.:slight_smile:

The are better in the dry so if you bury them keep them them dry.or they will mould.
I have veggie draws and can keep enough in there for a couple of weeks at least…not shop bought, they go off pretty fast…

Hi Carol,

There’s some really useful information here. As you scroll down the page, you find the info on how to store new potatoes.

Best advice

We have a temperature regulated cold room which is specifically made for storing such root veggies as well as boxed foods, canned foods ( which we personally canned ) and freezer foods.
If this house didn’t have a cold room we were going to build a cold cellar outside for the same thing. They work.

Weirdly, my old house actually has a vegetable/fruit cellar. I’m pretty sure that was what it was for originally although it is currently full of junk. I’m pretty sure potatoes should not be kept in the fridge.


Thanks Mups - that’s really helpful. :slight_smile: