How’s Your Confidence

As you have gotten older?

Were you more confident as a younger person?

Or has your confidence grown as you have gotten older?

For me, the more I have educated myself in certain areas, the more confident I am becoming.

I am far more confident now than I ever was as a young person.:grinning:

It’s good to hear you’re more confident now

I certainly I am, I think my job, (which can be confrontational!) helped me a lot

I was always a “speaker up” but I can remember trembling, getting short of breath and my legs trembling after doing so when I was a teenager

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Less confident as I can longer physically do what I used to.

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I rather think I am as confident as I ever was. I am certainly weaker as SF has noted but I know my limitations and I don’t think it has affected my confidence, it is more of an irritation.

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I made sure I instilled confidence in my sons.

My youngest who I see a lot of, is extremely confident, I had to pass the phone over to him yesterday, as plusnet had raised my broadband price, they managed to retain him and we got a good deal,…

I’m a much more confident “ cleaner slash ironer than he is”…:joy::rofl:

My confidence in driving to Newbury is growing, especially after having to drive in the heart of Reading a week or two back in an emergency.

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My confidence hasnt changed,although i must admit i dont listen to the bulls…t i used to,i have to say something to shut them up.

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My confidence varies in different contexts. Generally, it’s higher than when I was young and reached its climax in my fifties. While it is still high in some situations it tends to decrease in others.

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Never been confident but now I’m older I don’t care.

When I was younger I thought I know I should have known everything in my field. As I got older I was able to accept that there were things I didn’t know. I was comfortable with that. It’s a learning curve and it contuse to date.