How much is gasoline/petrol in your area?

How much is gasoline/petrol in your area? It is up to $3.75 - $4.05 in Las Vegas Valley (USA), and going higher by the weekend by 10-15 + cents!

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I can honestly say, I have to idea. When it gets to certain level, I just fill up with a certain amount of money - which is usually about £10, a few times it’s been £20.


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Petrol is £1.32 per litre, and diesel is £1.34

Thieving bstds.

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£1.32 a litre, what that equates to in dollars I know not.

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Just yesterday when I bought fuel (diesel) it was £137.9 per litre (£6.26 per gallon). Unleaded at the same garage was £135.9 (£6.17 per gallon). It’s possible to pay around 1p or 2p less per litre if you shop around. Just recently prices have been increasing by about 1p per week / every other week.

The chart on the link below gives historical fuel prices:

By comparison the heating oil for my boiler is 44.6p a litre, that includes 5% tax. It is I am informed,
the same as the diesel I put in my car, except I am not legally allowed to use it for anything other than central heating. The difference of 93.3p per litre between the two is tax!

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Far too much. It’s £1.67 a litre of diesel in the far north of Scotland. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

$133.7 per litre regular unleaded
$122.7 per litre diesel

My goodness. Yes I agree with Judd, Thieving Bstds!!

I live on island of arran I’m sure its over £1.50 a litre one of the most expensive places in Britain to buy fuel ridiculous as I’m lead to believe the suppliers charge same price to all

My local servo sells fuel at the following prices today

E10 171.9c/l
Unleaded 91 173.9c/l
Premium 95 185.9c/l
Premium 98 191.9c/l
Diesel 136.9c/l

Prices are cents per litre. However it should be pointed out that this is a Thursday so petrol prices are higher as part of the weekly cycle as they get toward the weekend. Diesel prices are not affected by the weekly cycle.

As I point out in my blog, prices where I live are often higher than the rest of NSW, very irritating.

E10 petrol today ranging from
GBP 1.41 in the morning to
GBP 1.33 after 6 pm

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£1 32 for unleaded where I live…

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I think I paid £1.32.9/lt for E10 petrol last week. Did you know that E10 petrol isn’t as good as regular 95 octane petrol in terms of MPG because the alcohol isn’t as calorific?

Around 1% less mpg on average according to what I’ve read but apparently it’s still “greener” even though we’re all going to have to use more of it to cover the same distance.

It is $3.19 per gallon (regular) here in upstate New York
diesel is about 40 cents higher

I thought it was around 5% but, hey, if it’s still “greener” … :laughing:


Reports in the papers recently saying motoring now costs less than it did years ago in real terms, apparently due to the freeze in fuel duty.