How many towns have you visited?

Outback Australia, is riddled with innumerable towns. Well, I suppose someone knows the numbers, not I.
Having visited but a small percentage in my 55 years I intend to circumnavigate Australia several times when I finally end working.
How many places have you been to in your own Country?
I have been to Queenstown, Strahan, Rosebery, Zeehan, Burnie, Devonport, Ouse, Hobart, Huonville, Somerset, Wynyard, Ulverston, Launceston, Tullah, Latrobe, Penquin, Railton, Gormanston, Linda, (Ghost Town)(See pic below), Geeveston, to name but a few,
I have also been to
Tullamore, Seymour, Lismore, Mooloolaba,
Nambour, Maroochydore, Kilmore, Murwillumbah,
Birdsville, Emmaville, Wallaville, Cunnamulla,
Condamine, Strathpine, Proserpine, Ulladulla,
Darwin, Gin Gin, Deniliquin, Muckadilla,
Wallumbilla, Boggabilla, Kumbarilla,

I’ve been to Moree, Taree, Jerilderie, Bambaroo,
Toowoomba, Gunnedah, Caringbah, Woolloomooloo,
Dalveen, Tamborine, Engadine, Jindabyne,
Lithgow, Casino, Brigalow and Narromine,
Megalong, Wyong, Tuggerawong, Wangarella,
Morella, Augathella, Brindabella Wollongong,
Geelong, Kurrajong, Mullumbimby,
Mittagong, Molong, Grong Grong, Goondiwindi,
Yarra Yarra, Boroondara, Wallangarra, Turramurra,
Boggabri, Gundagai, Narrabri, Tibooburra,
Gulgong, Adelong, Billabong, Cabramatta,
Parramatta, Wangaratta, Coolangatta,

As well as Ettalong, Dandenong, Woodenbong, Ballarat,
Canberra, Milperra, Unanderra, Captain’s Flat,
Cloncurry, River Murray, Kurri Kurri, Girraween,
Terrigal, Fingal, Stockinbingal, Collaroy and Narrabeen,
Bendigo, Dorrigo, Bangalow, Indooroopilly,
Kirribilli, Yeerongpilly, Wollondilly,
I must be silly.
Afore I die I really will visit ALL of Tasmania’s Places of silly names.

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Lots.Everywhere from A to Z.

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I was a self employed courier for eight years Bretrick…I’ll post a copy of my job sheets…Yes…I’ve still got them. Reading through them brings back many memories, both good and bad…

I have circumnavigated Australia once but am thinking of doing it again this year

The major change will be WA as I would like to travel up the centre of the state rather than the coast as I did last time. I will do it quicker as I have visited Horizontal Falls, Wave Rock, The Pinnicles, Bungle Bungles etc

Too many too remember!
As a kid during the late 60’s it was the thing to sew a souvenir patch on the arm of your quilted anorak and display the places that you’d visited.

Not dissimilar to these.

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Too many to mention…but most are rugby,cricket or holiday related!

I didn’t count them and will find it hard to remember them all. What I do know is that I’ve driven round the earth more than twelve times driving through sixteen countries.

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Between 1980 and 2017 I’ve actually run one and a half times around the world Dachs, and that doesn’t include my walks…Here’s a breakdown of my running…


Wow! Thanks for sharing. :+1: That really is impressive. You’d have been a good accountant. :wink:Apparently, you were in particularly a good shape in the early 90s. Why was that? I never kept a record of mine but there’s no doubt that it wasn’t as much . A rough breakdown tells me that at the peak of your running you did five miles a day on average. I’m also impressed by your distance in 2017.
I can’t even compete with your total of 1981 since that means you were running a mile each day, roughly speaking, which I never did. I also was an ardent tennis player which occupied most of my spare time for many years. Running was meant to help me cope with the strain on the court but I also enjoyed it tremendously.


Foxy, the pace king here, done 18179 paces today so far, and I ain’t started the afternoon shift yet, the spreadsheet reckons I do about 6m deliberate paces a year @ 2100 paces per mile is about 2900 miles a year or one circumference of the planet every 8.5 years :walking_man:


Wow, that’s impressive remembering

I suppose I’ve been to hundreds but I wouldn’t know where to start listing or remembering them

You’re reminding me of the Johnny Cash song :rofl:

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Far too many,and enjoyed 90% of them here in the UK.

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Like others, I have travelled extensively, mostly mundane business trips. But then one of. the more interesting trips was the Orient Express. There there was the Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan …and etc…

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The original of this song is by Australian singer Lucky Starr in 1962


I’ve been everywhere too… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In the early 1970s I travelled overland from the UK to Australia - though obviously a ferry or plane was involved at either end. In those days it was possible to travel through Iran and Afghanistan, in fact the only dodgy border was the one between Pakistan and India as it was only open a couple of days a week as I recall.

The Iran - Afghanistan border was also a bit strange as there were several kilometres of no man’s land between the border posts where, so I was told, bandits operated. The bus I was on travelled the distance as fast as it could go.

I made a brief visit to Israel, they didn’t stamp my passport because I told them I was travelling through Arab countries.

Still haven’t been to Oodnadatta

Amazing record keeping and amazing distances. Well done you.
How far have I run?
300 metres, doing the 100 and 200 metre races at high school one year. 1974? :grinning:

Thanks Dachs.
I’ve kept a record of every run (training or competition) since 1978.
You can probably observe the low mileage in 2004 when I had a heart attack. I soon recovered and had to cut down to just running half marathons (63) I was struck down once again in 2014 and was banned from running competitively by family…But I recovered well and continued to run until July 2021 when I ran my last proper run…
Sorry for digressing Bretrick…
Back to towns I have visited…
I’ve run full marathons in…
Telford x 2
Nottingham x 8
Selby x 2
Leeds x 2
Sheffield x 3
Stratford on Avon
Isle of Man
St Albans x 4


I’m sorry to hear about your health issues. Listen to your family and take it more slowly. That’s a stunning record for a recreational athlete. I’ve not even run a half marathon…
You can say you’ve been to all those towns on foot not counting all those you’ve been to by means of transport. :+1:


Thanks Dachs, I’m still enjoying life and hope to be around a lot longer yet, albeit a bit slower now…

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