How many slices do you cut your cakes and pies into?

Can you beat this person? :rofl:

Round cakes and pies should be sliced into this many pieces.

  • 2-4
  • 5-7
  • 8-10
  • 11-14
  • over 14
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I have never had any hard and fast rules about cake portion sizes but I voted 8-10 slices - cos that’s a kind of standard portion size for a 7” round Victoria Sponge. I prefer a much smaller slice but my children were gannets and liked to have larger slices!
I don’t usually slice a small round cake in advance. I prefer to slice it as I’m serving it to preserve its moisture, so people can choose how big or small a portion they want.

For tray bakes, I don’t measure it but I just cut it into reasonably equal looking squares - maybe cut a few of the squares in half in case folk only want a small piece of cake.
Whatever size the portions are, I would want it took a lot neater and more appetising than in that photograph!


Maybe, but probably not, there’s a method to the madness of the cake slicing. There’s a different size for each person. There are different amounts of frosting for some of the slices. One slice has almost no side frosting while other pieces have a lot of side frosting.

Makes me wonder if there’s a way to perfectly account for everyone’s different tastes while slicing a cake.

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I don’t like the top one, it reminds me of crazy paving.

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I can remember my mom saying: let everyone cut their own
slice, don’t section the pie or cake, was her motto…

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