How Long Ago Did You First Pass Your Driving Test? (And did You Fail First?)

I passed my Test, in 1964, in Sale, Cheshire.

It was my third attempt because some road Designer had set up a weird Junction, at Washway Road.

It was a big, 4 way Junction, with traffic lights on every island.

The examiner told me to go in and turn right.

I entered, past the first set of lights, and turned the car to face the way out. However, I then noticed that there was a big Traffic Light, over my head, and it was RED! So I stopped!

Bad news it was just the one on the middle Island.

How was your attempt?

I did Tractor, Motorbike and then car, passed all first time, Tractor was in 1973 aged 16, motorbike at 17, never did the car until I was 20 in 77.

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I passed in 1982, having rode a bike for years, my company paid for me to learn to drive. Unfortunately, my nerves got the better of me and I was a third timer.


I passed in 1997, third try and I really shouldn’t have passed then, I’m rubbish, and dangerous rubbish at that! :rofl:

That’s why I don’t drive and the enthusiasm with which the family agree with that decision is very rude, really :grin:

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You can’t be that bad, if you passed the Test, Maree, it’s a tough test.


Good grief, now you’re asking. 78 minus 16 = 62 yrs ago for my motorcycle and the following year for the Willys Jeep. Both passed at first attempt :+1: Incidentally, the examiner was not impressed with the Jeep’s lack of passenger protection or it’s 3 speed box … lol

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I passed second time and I think it was about 1974. My driving instructor was elderly and had a yellow Ford Anglia. I used to be driving along and he would snort some snuff and do an enormous sneeze and I would nearly go off the road!! :rofl:. The test centre was about 20 miles from home and half way there in torrential rain the wiper blade packed up. I think it was just one big one but I may be wrong. We then had to rush and find a garage to put a new one on before I could take my test. It was a nightmare!


HaHa! I had an Anglia! The wipers were run off the air system, so slowed down if you revved up

Those were the days!


I am truly terrible, really I am. I think we all have some things we just can’t do, and mine’s driving :scream:

The weird thing is, when I passed the test I really must have done OK

Because me and my test were randomly selected to have an inspector sit in, to check and evaluate the examiners performance

He was a great big man, squashed into the back of my driving examiner’s car and everytime I reversed, he leaned sidewise so I could see :joy:

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Oh yes, that was the famous ford side valve 1,172 cc engine … such a joy to work on lol.

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I passed the first time I tried at age 16. Then three years later, while in Germany with my Army hubby, I took the International driver’s test, and passed that the first time. Now that was a tricky test, as international signs were so different from those in the US. Many years ago, but I am happy to say I am a very good and aware driver. I drive many hundred miles each year to many states for vacation and pleasure. We use our own vehicles, not trains and buses as the UK does.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I passed on my 4th attempt. My nerves let me down every time before that. First test I should not even have been put in for it as I was not ready and failed miserably. 3rd test I made one mistake which I cant remember now what it was but I remember being cross with myself.

The day I passed I told the examiner “oh, I could kiss you” he said " no need for that Mrs H" lol

I dont like driving as I’m a nervous person and I refuse to drive on motorways or major city centres. I believe I would be a danger to other road users on motorways because of how nervous I feel so it’s best I stay away from them. I’m fine on local and familiar roads. I drive for necessity. If I didn’t have work or dad to see to I don’t think I woukd drive.

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I passed at the second try back in 1980, I failed the first time after the examiner asked me to do a manoeuvre I’d never done before ( reversing around a corner uphill) and I hit the kerb, my first car was a 1969 mini…

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I passed my learner and driver’s test on my first go in 2001. Manual (stick shift) transmission!


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I would expect nothing less of you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Got my motorcycle license in 1979 …. travelled the country and my car drivers license in 1984 - passed first time.

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A second time pass for me. A successful first time motor cycle test at 16 in 1966, but my Dad taught me to drive a car and I used his singer chamois for my first attempt. The door lock had to be replaced after Mum had an accident (not her fault) and the back window lock had been replaced after it broke. So there were three identical keys on the keyring and it took me a good ten minutes to find the correct key for the door and ignition. The examiner was not happy.

I wasn’t surprised when he failed me, it even rained as I wound the window down for the hand signals, my arm was soaked. We decided that I should have some proper lessons with a driving instructor, so I took my second test in his Ford Anglia and at 17 in 1967 I passed.
I’ve never been without a vehicle of my own since that day. I have always loved driving and even became a courier after being made redundant after 35 years in engineering. I drove the length and breadth of Great Britain regularly, and even now, I can’t wait to get behind the wheel for a long drive.

1962 and had passed on second test. Had my own ford Anglia 100e a two door with three forward and reverse gear.

I passed first time, back in May 1980. I remember messing up the 3 point turn, or the ‘turn in the road’ or whatever it’s officially called. I mounted the kerb on the final part of the manoeuvre and was sure that I’d failed. When he told me I’d passed, I said “But what about my 3 point turn? I went up the kerb!” “Yes, you did”, he replied, “but I could see that you knew you were going to and you took it slowly and never once lost control of the car.”

Mr B passed first time as well, many years before me. He said that when he got back to the test centre, he had real difficulty parking the car properly, even though there was plenty of space. The examiner went through all the theory questions, then got out of the car to check how badly he’d parked. He got back in the car with a grin on his face. “Well, young man, I was thinking of failing you on your appalling parking, but seeing as one of the tyres is as flat as a pancake, I’m going to let you off!” He must have found a nail or something as he drove into the test centre!!

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