How is your energy?

I am curious as to whether or not my energy levels are excessive as compared to other men my age (54).
A little background may help I’ll be brief.
I am a disabled veteran, was unable to do much at all due to heavy medications and health problems for the past 30 years. Since May I’ve been able to start doing essentially what I want again.
I’m in the gym daily 1.5hrs. I use light weights and high reps mixed with higher weights on a rotating basis, a program I adapted from when I was a power lifter years ago.
I sleep 3 hrs a night typically. In the past year I’ve slept over six hours twice. And I don’t give a crap lately regarding how much sleep I get. I know from wartime service that when the body needs rest it will take it, and if it diorsnr require it, it can be pushed well beyond normal boundaries.
The question I would ask is,
at 55 or more, is your energy level such that three hrs of sleep nightly is enough to support daily workouts of 1.5-2.5 hours, a full day otherwise, and jam packed beyond planned activity always, will still not wipe you out?
Am I a mutant? WTF?!! I recall being much younger and getting fatigued more easily.
And I swear my system is on full throttle, body mind and spirit, from the time I wake till the time I fall back to sleep.
I feel a bit anomalous. Not in a gifted way so much as maybe a gifted-awkward type thing where I’m happy to have the energy but it’s getting to feel very weird cause I doing see ppl my age being willing to do the same stuff. I feel different.

I only get around 3 to 4 hours sleep a night, but by the weekend I am shattered. I am tired when i go to bed and I am still tired when I get up, but my body just doesn’t stay asleep. I’d like it to.

I’ve found that six hours a night is usually fine. I’ve gradually drifted into a certain sleep pattern because most of my work involves early starts.

It means that it’s quite early to bed but that’s okay.
I rather enjoy drinking coffee and savouring the peace and quiet at around four in the morning.

After I’ve woken up there’s zero chance of getting back to sleep anyway, a duvet day would be inconceivable :bed::-1:

I’ve taken to a very casual approach with sleep.
I don’t have a bedtime, or a goal of how much sleep I desire. I lie down sometime after dark. If I’m needing to be somewhere the next day I set an alarm for two hours prior to the show time.

But I spent soooo many years worrying if I was getting enough hours of sleep, what type, when, etc. Now I simply don’t give it much thought except when replying to a post such as this and I feel amazing. It’s a monkey off my back so to speak.

As I’ve stated , during war I learned very well that if my body must have sleep it’ll take it. Until then it can be pushed if necessary beyond what most folks realize. We have been convinced we need x-hours of sleep or it’s bad for us, yet we’re all individuals with different physical needs. We can all pretty easily determine our own needs if we just step out and try. It’s what works for YOU that matters most.
To hell with statistics and the parameters ppl preach if they don’t work out in your world.

We measure it Joules…

I largely agree :+1:
Worrying isn’t conducive to sleep. I need some kind of structure/ pattern to my day however otherwise I’ll just start drifting … not good and I speak from experience :wink:


I’m sorry RichGB, what’s expensive?
Maybe I’m being a bit dense, lack of sleep :wink:

My granny always used to say a good nights sleep was your reward for a good days work and having a clear conscience

Maybe some of you aren’t working hard enough and have been up to naughties? :rofl::rofl:


Chance’d be a fine thing! :rofl:

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Bet you’re a$$$$$ I been naughty until and when I go to bed. That is what keeps me feeling young!

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Maybe he means Joules?

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My fittest years were between the ages of 50 and about 73. I was doing hard off-road cycling during those years, Don’t do that anymore but at 79, I can still put on a walking pace that is too fast for most. If I sleep for 5 - 6 hours continuous I am well pleased. Most nights it’s around 4 hours with a few hours dozing on and off after that.

I think that will be the case until my my demise. I suspect that could happen in a sudden sort of way but up until then, I reckon I’ll keep my energy levels.

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Aha! :+1:

My electricity and gas bill :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the clarification :slightly_smiling_face::+1:
Now I can sleep tonight without any niggling little thoughts buzzing around in my head :wink::first_quarter_moon_with_face:

……there’s a UK saying you make me think of……

It’s the engineer in me…:slight_smile:

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And that saying is ?

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Fine thank you.

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