How has seeing your GP been for you lately

Whilst I appreciate there were going to be difficulties what with the pandemic I do feel a lot of GP practices have not handled it well.
Alas, over the past 12 months, the quality of service has declined drastically, such that getting any medical help is virtually impossible.
My surgery has the patient Access app but you cannot make an appointment any longer this needs to be done via the phone if you are fortunate enough to get to speak to someone.
On the one hand my usual GP’s seem to have vanished and asking for one to call back has resulted on a rather brusque “That will not be possible” from a receptionist., on the other the GP I have seen twice in the last couple of months is an absolute gem and seems to get things done if she feels I ned to see a consultant.
My experience with the Advanced Nurse Practitioner did not end well as she ‘forgot’ to arrange a couple of tests.


Ours are on the ball when it comes to calling you back, I’ll give them that, but everyone having to phone at 8am is a P.I.T.A. Try to get to see one however is a whole different ball game. I actually see more of my Doctor at the blooming Leisure Centre than at the Surgery.


I have no complaints about my doctors here, it can be a pain at times trying to get through… you are now 5 th in the queue, …

My main issue is phone consultations can be very dangerous, twice I have been wrongly diagnosed because of course as there was no face to face examination so the GP is making a judgement call but as some symptoms are not necessarily specific to one particular condition this is obviously open too mistakes.

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Same here & I had to laugh at you seeing more of your Doc at the leisure centre. :grinning:

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Yes I agree, I’ve never really had many phone consultations since covid hit,…that must be quite worrying.

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I know, :joy: she only works 3 days a week at the Surgery and she goes to the “Keep Fit Classes” at the Centre. I usually see her coming in as I’m leaving after my swim. :crazy_face:

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:grinning: :grinning: Does she talk to you?
Many years ago I used to see more of my GP, but at the constitutional club not a leisure centre. :grinning:

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No complaints. I was able to have phone consultations with no issues. Prescriptions were called into our preferred pharmacist when needed.

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Yes, That happened to me last year with a GP I didn’t know. She told me I’d pulled a muscle, that was wrong and I told her so, she was not happy about that. I have had several pulled muscles and I know how they feel. This was something very different. After a night of me screaming in pain my OH got me an emergency appointment with a Chiropractor who told me there was something pressing on my Sciatic Nerve, nothing to do with pulled muscles at all. It took a good load of visits before it was properly sorted. I’m still attending his clinic now, every 2nd month but just for Spine Maintenance I never want to go through that pain again…Ever.

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Aye she does, she’s really a nice lass. I call her a lass as she’s mabe only early 40s.


My GP appointments are all telephone only initially. If the GP feels the need, I can have an in-person one. I have given up making an appointment by phone (number 20 on list or I need to call back when he in the office. No opportunity to book in advance). I call in to the surgery.
Want a laugh?? I was told to book my annual diabetic review with the nurse. Receptionist told me it had to be over the phone, not in person. Phone call came from the nurse asking why was I not in the surgery. She needs to take my bloods, weigh me and pins in my feet.
I said you need to ask the receptionist, who was adamant it was a phone appointment only.

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Otside our surgery is a list of thirteen doctor. The surgery waiting room is empty. Seeing a doctor face to face is out of the question so I ask myself What are these doctors doing all day if they cannot see you?

I think you will find the majority are part timers. Some surgeries post this information on their website, mine doesn’t unfortunately.


Not good for me, my GP practice is huge and has the worst rating in Shropshire.

Discharged into care of the GP is just a joke.

I have noticed that the private car park for “Doctors and surgery staff” is always full.

I’ve not had need to make an appointment but V did 2 weeks ago. She had no problems getting an appointment and seeing the doc at all.

I have no complaints. If l ring the surgery, the doctor gets back to me very quickly and will see me if necessary.
I rang on 14th July about my sore eyes that l have been troubled with for a while now, since l had the chalizion. The doctor sent me a link to contact the hospital eye department.
I did but they were not making appointments at that time but would put me on a list. Within a short time an appointment had been booked and l attended it yesterday.
It was a beautiful new, real swanky eye department. I have another appointment in three weeks

Not only phone consultations. Bleeding pharmacy medicine reviews.
My medicines had a red sticker on it and was informed by the assistant that the pharmacist
wanted a chat to discuss the medicines I was prescribed. He wanted to change some to a generic copy and reduce the dosage on another. I said no way. The only person who can do this is by GP. My GP told me the NHS were starting to get pharmacies to carry out multi-user reviews. He would contact the pharmacy to get me off their tracking list . I worry about anyone not switched on like me, agreeing to the change.

I don’t like the sound of that David. GPs seem to be passing on things they used to do, to others more and more. :hushed: :open_mouth: :frowning: