How far would you go for beauty?

Either now or when you were younger? Kim Kardashian has been in the papers, promoting not smiling as a way of avoiding wrinkles!

I always thought smiling lifted your face.:confused:

I think Mrs Beckham started this! :wink:

Yeah, it is a phase.:lol:

It wouldn’t have worked for me, I’m always laughing at stupid stuff!

Celebs need to be in the headlines saying anything and everything to earn ££££

When in reality you see far more attractive women daily on the streets just going about normal life

I haven’t seen any anti smiling cream YET:shock:

Will not smiling make me any slimmer? :wink:

No, I don’t think so.

The Kardashian’s and the Beckham’s are pathetic attention seeking little nobody’s. Who care what they think?

Meow :smiley:
Nevertheless they’re rich nobodies ?
Seriously if you laugh at yourself in the mirror you can see where the lines will settle ,so basically it’s correct that by not smiling you’re not encouraging the lines .
I always thought Mrs. Becks moved on to become an excellent business woman btw.

I am what I am, so who gives a toss about looking older…:102:
I do look pretty good for my age though, I must admit…:cool:

Smiling deffo makes you look younger.

My ‘at rest’ neutral face looks miserable…it always has… and as I’ve got older that neutral face looks old and miserable! :mrgreen:

As soon as I smile, the whole face changes for the better, and looks thinner, too!

I wonder if that’s why Victoria Beckham goes around looking like the epitome of gloom? Does she think it’ll stop wrinkles?

Not smoking and not getting tanned will do more to keep wrinkles at bay than not smiling, imo!

I agree.

How far would you go for beauty?

Leonard Cohen said …

I came so far for beauty
I left so much behind
My patience and my family
My masterpiece unsigned


On my last visit to the dermatologist, she casually mentioned that I could botox my crows feet.

Has she lost her mind?

I’ve happily earned those creases!

Besides, I like to think that my crows feet and smile lines are like welcome mats. People tend to come 'round more often when you have them. :lol:

I am always smiling.
Who cares what they say.
I still look younger than I am.
Genetics play a part.

Especially in pink shorts. X

How silly
I’m proud of every single laughter line on my face!


An ugly git, neither bothered with my skin until recently.

A side effect of one of the new medicines is dry skin and my face was flaking, it was like a dandruff face mask.

The clinic nurse recommended a cheap moisturizer from Aldi.

Never used one before, the difference is amazing.

What about those of us who don’t have so many wrinkles but out faces have sagged :frowning:

I have my mother’s genes, my face has dropped dramatically in the last few years, I even have…jowls :103: :shock: :surprised: :010: :mad2: :009: :022: :088: :090:

Actually, just as an aside, me and Colin were chatting yesterday and I mentioned Kim Kardashian. Colin said “I thought she had a big arse” so I answered “She does, his name is Kanye West” :smiley: