How can I survive on my own..?

So, mrs,p has Covid , she feels ok, but because our son is vulnerable
she has decided to spent her recovery with her mum, who also has tested positive, so, basically I’m on my own, trying to feed both of us, tonight wasn’t so bad, I managed to cook a pizza and, clever son managed to work out the space shuttle controls that is our oven, not sure what I can do for tomorrow night, but I will speak to she who is in the know as to what to do, I’ve been given instructions, put washing in washing machine, although she hasn’t said about switching it on, and I have to run around with the hoover, should this be plugged in I wonder…?, anyway, I’ve Managed to load the dishwasher but apparently you need to put a tablet in, I only have paracetamol in so I will try that, unless she means her iPad?, anyway I’ll figure it out, she also said I have to just!,!,around the house, just what! and why to I need a cloth?, anyway, this housekeeping lark isn’t so bad I’m sure I’ll manage….


With a little practice Primus, you may turn out to be the world’s best house husband. :rofl: Perhaps when Mrs P is better she will bring you a bunch of flowers. :bouquet:

Think of it as an adventure and have fun.
Housework can wait.


Maybe when Mrs P is better, she’ll have him continue doing it. haha

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That’s worrying, will she forget how to do housework…?

If you make too good a effort at it you may find you get the role for longer than you bargained for…

My Mother told this story to illustrate. Her Mother said now dear you are marrying.a shooting man. You don’t want to wind up having to dress the birds he brings home that’s his job. Later Father said darling I am bringing a client to lunch tomorrow but I haven’t time to pluck those pheasants could you please do it this once? Mother was having none of it, alright I will deal with it she said the next morning she was at the butcher’s paid him to prepare the birds and deliberately overpaid. Spent most of the weeks housekeeping. Revealed this over lunch and then giggled at her husband’s discomfort.

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. . . maybe. . . .why remember something that can be done just as well by someone else?

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No one has on their tombstone she was a wonderful housekeeper.

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Practice makes perfect Primus1.
Yes, she could forget how to do housework,it could be a side affect to covid.
Funny old world lol.

Leave it unplugged and you could save 15p / hour


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The important thing is to be found just not good enough.

This keeps the boss incredibly happy that you have tried and failed and that she is essential to the proper running of the house.


Yes swims, I’ve followed this principle all my married life

Well, tomorrow nights tea is spaghetti bolognaise, I have been given instructions on how to prepare and cook, just remind me, is it 101 for the nhs helpline…?

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Check that she really does have Covid!

Women can be tricksters!

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Hmmm, she might be pulling a fast one…

She’s met someone with a Motor Bile?

Coping on your own?
I lost my der wife in 2008 and believe me b still find it difficult to manage. I sometimes say to myself “Now then Ann what do I do now”.
I firmly belive that no matter what a man thinks he needs a woman at his side. God Bless you alll you ladies, we man cannot do withoutyou.


Hi Primus, Just checking that you survived the night after your exhausting time being a house husband.
Are you having to have counselling? Are you in hospital suffering with withdrawal effects after having the remote control surgically removed from your hand and replaced with a feather duster?

You poor thing but your ten days of slavery will soon pass and you can go back to some sort of normality…

Joking aside, l think you have been brilliant and your wife and family must be very proud of you.

My recommendation for your knighthood has been sent to the Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood at St James’s Palace.

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FWIW I was a single dad when my children were school age. I managed and had a full time job.

These should keep you going until Mrs P returns - how is she by the way?


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