House Flies Invasion!

Anyone else seeing loads of house flies?

By 5 pm today there were around 10 flies on every window inside the house.

No dead bodies, or other rotting goods, as far as I know!

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Tractor load of sewage justdrove past your house Ted !
Cant be nuffink else !!


No - thank goodness!

Yes we have had them too Ted. Also, all the cars in the car park were covered in them today.

Are they big black chunky looking flies? If so - they’re cluster flies and they’ll be nesting nearby. Buy a job lot of fly swats and kill as many as possible. Good luck. :lol:

We have those gormless ones that just will not leave you alone and keep landing on your leg. :twisted:

Same thing Longdogs !
Tractor load of shyte parked in the car park while you had coffee !!



Same thing Longdogs, you stood in some shyte somewhere !!


No flies on us here … :smiley:

Wait till next muck spreading !!


Don’t complain the are mobile fans keeping the place cool

:lol::lol::lol: Very likely.

oh heck, keep 'em over there Ted. My husband gets the electrocuting tennis bat out and walks round the house all day swatting and elecrocuting 'em. can’t stand flies myself either but it does seem cruel.

As for the dozy ones that land on you its like they are tormenting you, I often wonder if it’s a dead person reincarnated and come back just to taunt me LOL

I’ve got one of those. It does make a lovely fizzing, crackling sound when you connect with a flying insect. :lol:

Local stores say they have, suddenly, run out of fly spray!

Must be another plot to rip us off?


Plagued by them at the moment , and wasps

I don’t even mind the wasps as much as I do the flies

Never seen an electrocuting bat, but my friend has got one of those little light things that attracts them and fries them, but she said it smells 'orrible when they fry.
Anyone else any experience of these machines? I think it is like the ones you see in shops sometimes.

There has been loads of flies here too, damn things. I like my back door wide open in the summer, hear the birds and my dogs poddle in and out as they please. I have hung a net over the door frame this year, but it doesn’t stop all the flies, only some.

You mean to tell me that even with all those cobwebs of yours you’re still infested with flies? :lol:

As an aside, I’ve got myself an insectocutor for the kitchen. There’s a certain satisfaction to be had hearing it give out a loud crack when one of things flies into it. :smiley:

Great gadgets for catching your mates unawares, they don’t half give you a belt. :smiley: