Horseshoe crabs

poor animals .

Disgusting, Muddy, beyond contempt.

Oh no! Why can’t we leave nature alone! Why have we got to use and abuse everything for our own greed? Its disgusting. If they want to test stuff like that, there are plenty of humans I could shove in the queue! :angry:


Another sleepless night worrying about ‘Horse Shoe Crabs’

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Perhaps we are running out of aristocrats ??
Donkeyman! :+1::roll_eyes::+1:

Such hypocrisy eh? Dogs smoking cigs, bad. Whale hunting, bad. Animals used for make-up trials, bad. Elephants killed for tusks, bad. etc, etc, etc.

Blue crabs for blood, good.


@Donkeyman - the gaols are full. Perhaps if criminals knew they would be subjected to the same kinds of horrific tests that are inflicted on animals they would think twice before committing crimes!!

@SilverTabby , Are you implying that all the jail’s are full
of aristocrats Tabby ??
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking: