Homemade Sauces from scratch

Please post your homemade sauces here please.

What sauces have you made?

I’m hoping to make a homemade hot chilli sauce today.

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I’m not sure if it’s from scratch, because if the tomato ketchup and it’s definitely not healthy but….

I make this sweet and sour sauce if we fancy Chinese fakeaway

  • 2 oz Brown Sugar
  • 2 oz Vinegar
  • 6 oz Tomato Sauce
  • 1 small tin pineapple chunks
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce

Just chuck it all in a pan and heat it up!


We have this at least twice a week … cheese, on broccoli and other things:

Teaspoon of oil, butter, plain flour … make a roux, add 1/2 to 1 mug of milk; heat, stir, remove from heat. Boil broccoli in salted water, drain, saving some of the water. Add water to the cold stodgy sauce and reheat, add cheese. Serve.


Let’s not overlook the simple but effective stuff…stir powders (eg curry powder, jerk seasoning, or even just peppercorns etc etc etc) into ready mixed gravy granules, er, gravy.


Onion Gravy

Sweat onion in a little oil/butter till nice & soft

add a heaped teaspoon of plain flour, mix well

add water Oxo (curry powder, jerk seasoning, or even just peppercorns etc etc etc*)

*© @Dextrous63



Pepper sauce:

Sweat shallot
add peppercorns and let heat through
add chicken stock
add cream
if needed, add flour or thickener

I tend to cook for around 5 mins to allow the peppercorns to soften down, and add some crushed pepper for good measure.

Great with steak, chips and peas.

NB- I use a mini egg whisk instead of anything else when making sauces. Seems to help thicken things up and dissipate powder lumps

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I’ll be honest and say,I use bought ketchup in my sauces, I have found a great recipe for tomato sauce ,it only takes five mins to make, will post the recipe,when I’ve made it…:+1:

I’m wondering what that might be like on a bed of rice, as a light meal. :smiley:


Our local Polish shop sells some delish gherkins in sweet vinegar, I love them with all sorts of things.

Don’t waste the vinegar:

A spoon of that with a spoon of ketchup & 2 spoons of Hellmanns mayo makes a lovely sauce, on the side and/or dressing.

I think it would be nice, it’s OK with most things, but like I said, too much sugar to be healthy!

I adore eggs Benedict (my favourite breakfast) and I use a fool proof microwave Hollandaise sauce. It’s the bomb!


Sounds lovely

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It’s absolutely spectacular. Welcome to OFC Caveman. Although, I recall another Caveman on here not too long ago…

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Yesterday my made a some made sauce with barbecue chicken. I don’t know what the sauce but it was delicious. Left overs tonight.

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Just made peppercorn sauce to go with my steak, mushrooms and chips.



Juices from meat.


Beef stock.


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Brandy, cream, mushrooms … makes a nice steak sauce.

Break up the mushrooms, stalks 'n all, into pieces not too small, throw into a hot pan/wok with a little oil. Keep tossing, keep hot, mushrooms will shrink losing water, add bandy, tilt pan to ignite, water’s gone, keep tossing … add cream, heat, pour over steak.

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Thanks,I will try that tomorrow, sounds yummy,I have one steak left.

All lovely. Not sure I’d put brandy in though, purely out of personal preference.

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Dex, if you cook the alcohol out, you can’t even taste it, found the recipe online, I thought exactly the same as you, it was delicious, in fact I wanted to cook the other steak I had left, I still have some sauce left, I’m going to try the one dood recommended tomorrow…I haven’t had steak in years.

I coked the steak in butter, garlic olive oil, I added salt, wish I hadn’t, forgot it was salted butter, it was still delicious and I licked the pan,:open_mouth::sweat_smile:

I know @pauline3, but I’m just not keen on the taste of brandy. Nothing to do with temperance at all😉

Getting the salt balance can be tricky, as you say. Onions are a bit salty, butter is salty, and beef stock is salty.

Does the sauce keep? Thought it might congeal a bit, and would welcome being told that it heats up.again just fine.

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