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I am passionate about gardening, I’m certainly not a Monty Don,how about you?..any pictures of your gardens, would be much appreciated, or tell us what your garden looks like,…also veg gardening in tubs,i have a decked area,i dont think i can put raised beds,with bottoms on it,as it may rot the decking,any ideas?:smiley:

Mine looks like the jungle at the moment as we have been away and I have forgotten what I have planted .For your deck don’t you get one of those raised planters and put a long tray underneath it when you water ?

Our present home has a much smaller garden than our previous property, thank goodness. There is no lawn, which is a big plus as far as we are concerned.

Here are a couple of photos.

These planters came with black plastic liners. Any water that does get through to the decking just sort of runs off anyway after a time.


Lovely garden tarantula, same here,no lawn,just trees,shrubs,flowers, 2 tiny ponds,shingle
and decking.i love not having a lawn,but i do admire those,who tend to their’s so lovingly.

Hello Longdogs, your decking looks immaculate, is it fairly new?..love the planters,…i need to clean my decking, but i have blue tits feeding their young,so will have to wait,until they have flown the nest,

thank you Muddy for your suggestion, i may give it a go.

Ha yes. That pic was taken just after I had laid the decking. It’s not quite so immaculate now and will need re-staining soon. The planters were just wooden to start with and I painted them using garden paint. So far, they have lasted well.

This is what I was thinking of.

Mine is small but productive back garden I have a small one at the front too …

http://www.over50sforum.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=5999&stc=1&d=1527171010 http://www.over50sforum.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=5998&stc=1&d=1527171010
Last year…

I like those and I reckon it would not be too dificult to add some form of drainage system.

That’s lovely Meg. :slight_smile:

I like it Meg. Just a good size I reckon. You have obviously worked hard on it.

Some new additions to the garden this year including a Lupin and a Delphinium


Wow Meg what a lovely neat garden love that delphinium .
I am not showing mine it’s at present an 'eco 'garden ( in short it rather resembles an overgrown bomb site !)

Thank you everyone, all the shrubs like the dog are trimmed to within an inch of their lives :shock: I must have neat :mrgreen:

Everything you do seems so perfect and precise Meg, you’d have forty fits if you came here, I’m always in a muddle. :smiley:

Jungles are so much nicer to relax in,Muddy


What a lovely garden Meg, not a blade of grass or a leaf out of place … love it! :slight_smile:

Even though it raining here,i managed to take these pics,of my garden.

Love your gardens,Longdogs and Meg,both perfectionists i see,mine is tiny,everything is growing at a rapid speed,i have a lot to do this summer.

I like the planter Muddy,i may do that,but on a much smaller scale.