Home and away

Photos taken over three days.

Our apple-tree in evening sun.

Captured on dashcam, a bomb in Westonzoyland, close to the old wartime aerodrome.

Rush hour on the Somerset Levels.

The Welly-boot monument on the Blackdown Hills way off in the distance.

A Hawk near Glastonbury

There’s a whole lot of kissin’ going on. Mistletoe slowly strangling a row of trees.

The leaning tower of … Puxton Church.

Our little camper van and the disembodied hand of my Auntie/MiL at Burrington Ham where we stopped for a 99 (soft ice cream in a cone, with a chocolate flake). We passed The Rock of Ages at the bottom of Burrington Combe on the way up.

Bristol Airport.

It’s there, right in front of you, with a 'plane on the roof of one of the buildings.


Another one on its way in.

… and another.

Blagdon Lake, one of Bristol’s water supplies.

Compton Martin Mill Pond where we stopped for a brew.

One of the locals out for a swim.

Don’t drink the water. (That’s what it says on the side of this double pump).

Millpond sluice controls.

Wisteria covered cottage.

Village Church and school.


Filton,the birthplace of Concorde?
The famous 99 is unheard of here.May be too complicated for them.

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No, Bristol Airport is in Somersetshire, south of the city at a place called Lulsgate Bottom. Filton is to the north in South Gloucestershire.

Bristol is a city and county.

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I thought it looked a but too rural.In the olden days,you had to go from Filton if you were travelling from S.Wales.I did it twice.

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I lived on Filton aerodrome in the apprentices hostel what had previously been the ossifers’ mess, '72 - '76. I flew from there and back once in '89 on a BAC 111 to Munich. The return trip was the scariest flight I have ever had, but that’s another story.
The 'drome itself has had a myriad of uses from aircraft manufacturing to WW2 airfield to civil flights to flying training school to V-Bomber base to a test track for Bristol Cars.

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