Holiday Insurance recommendations

Can anybody recommend reasonable holiday insurance please?

Hubby has high blood pressure and is also waiting for an appointment with a consultant regarding back problems so I am guessing his insurance will be more expensive than mine. It could be months before he gets an appointment.

Can anybody recommend a firm who will insure people with pre existing medical conditions. We haven’t been on holiday since 2019 but have booked to go to Corfu for a week in June.


Surely there must be someone on here who has had medical issues or future consultations and needed insurance?

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My wife and I tried several agencies and none could find anything at a reasonable cost for our health issues. Some of the quotes were plain ridiculous, so we no longer travel aboard. When I say ridiculous I mean in the hundreds each and then there were exclusion clauses.

Yep, I found the same as you LongDriver, after having an ICD (cardiac pacer/Defibrillator) implanted last year and turning seventy, insurance would cost more than the price of the holiday. For that reason foreign holidays will be a thing of the past for me. Sorry for any disappointment Flowerpower…

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I am 84 and before covid I used to go to Turkey twice a year. I usually go on to travel insurance comparison sites dealing with medical problems. I declare all my medical problems and get a list of insurance quotes. I don’t go for the cheapest.

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I thought I might get more response than this but thank you all for your replies.

I will try a comparison site.

We have already booked our holiday so need to get this sorted.

I have been on holidays in the past and there have been severely disabled people in wheelchairs etc so I still can’t quite believe that it is so difficult to get insurance.

Keep us informed Flowerpower, if you can find a sympathetic company for broken down old codgers, it will be handy to know…

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Will do! By coincidence this morning there was a story in our local paper about a lady with breast cancer who had to shop around because the quotes she was given for a holiday abroad cost as much as her holiday! Several smaller insurance firms have been highlighted who insure people with existing medical conditions at affordable prices. Have to go out now but later today will get quotes from a couple and report back.

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My friend visited me yesterday and she said they have booked a holiday to Spain in a few months time. I asked who they had insured with as I know her husband has had 3 heart attacks and major heart surgery. I was staggered when she said they don’t disclose any of this! I told her his insurance would be invalid but she said it’s up to him. But I don’t get why you would even pay out anything knowing it’s invalid.